Academic Promotions and Advancement 2023

Applications for academic promotion or advancement are now closed.

As in past years, applicants for academic promotion or advancement needed to compile an Academic Staff Portfolio (ASP). Applications were made through IRIS this year. Application forms can be accessed using the button below, or via Assessments → My Assessments in the IRIS main menu.

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Teaching evaluations

Applicants will need to attach their paper and teaching evaluation summaries report. The report will be sent to you as a PDF file so you can upload it to your application in IRIS. Evaluations are available for papers that ended before 30 March 2023.

The deadline for requesting these reports from Te Puna Ako CeTTL has now passed. Late requests may not be able to be accommodated in time, but should be made by logging an Evaluations (BLUE) Help service request for ASP – Evaluation reports in Kuhukuhu.

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Timeline and process

Please refer to the ASP Procedures document for the detailed timeline and information about the process.

The most important dates for applicants are:

Cut-off for requesting teaching evaluation summaries Midday on Friday 7 July
Applications close Midday on Friday 28 July
Recommendations sent to applicants Friday 18 August

MS Word versions of the application forms are available. These are provided for reference only; you must use the application forms in IRIS to create and submit your application.

Training and support

There are several ways that staff are supported to apply for Academic Promotion or Advancement:

  • Each Division/Faculty is offering introductory sessions to ASP providing advice on how to create a good application and what the Committees are looking for.
  • We are offering the following workshops for information and support on the ASP process and technology. If you're attending a face-to-face session, please bring your laptop so we can help with any questions you have about ASP in IRIS.
    Tuesday 20 June, 2pm Hamilton Campus, M.2.23
    Thursday 22 June, 2pm Hamilton Campus, M.1.42
    Tuesday 4 July, 1pm Zoom
    Friday 7 July, 2pm Tauranga Campus, TCBD.2.10
    Monday 17 July, 3pm Hamilton Campus, M.2.23
    Friday 21 July, 2pm Zoom

A short training video is available, with tips on how to use the features within IRIS for your application.

Thumbnail of panopto video

Questions or issues

  • If you have questions about the process that are not covered in the information linked from this page, please contact your HR Advisor.
  • For technical issues with ASP in IRIS, please contact the Service Desk or log a Software and Application Assistance service request for IRIS in Kuhukuhu.

Changes in 2023

The bespoke ASP system used for Academic Promotions and Advancement in past years no longer works due to technical change in other University systems. Running ASP in IRIS means that a single system is now used for ASP, PBRF, and the public staff profiles. This greatly helps reduce the need to re-key information and clarifies how data is re-used across these areas.

Advancement application form

We have taken the technology change as an opportunity for a radical redesign of the Advancement application form:

  • We have directly aligned the questions on the application form with the criteria for Advancement and significantly reduced the number of questions.
  • Applications for Advancement no longer include a CV.

The redesign takes into account feedback received during the 2022 review of ASP, and aligns with the objective of that review to place a stronger focus on narratives around teaching and research.

Academic Promotion application form

The application form and process for Academic Promotions remain substantially the same as in 2022, with two adjustments:

  • Applications for Academic Promotion can now include a cover letter, formalising what is already current practice in many parts of the University.
  • The CV submitted with an application for Academic Promotion no longer needs to follow a prescribed format.