Academic Promotions and Advancement 2021

This page contains information about changes to the 2021 Academic Promotions and Advancement process. You can read about the review and overview of changes below.

Please also note that the Academic Staff Portfolio templates (which support Academic Promotions and Advancement) are available as follows:

  • The Academic Staff Portfolio templates will be available from Monday 5 July via the ASP link in the ‘Me’ tile of the staff portal.
  • Information about the Academic Staff Portfolio (ASP), including procedures, criteria, key dates, definitions and advice about CV format, along with first level comments/recommendations, is available here.
  • Access to the templates now requires two-factor authentication via Duo.

There are a variety of opportunities available to support staff members with navigating the Academic Staff Portfolio (ASP) and completing the new fields which you can find by selecting the Assistance for Staff link in the navigation menu.

Academic Promotions and Advancement Update 2021

In February 2021 a review of Academic Promotions and Advancement was initiated. This review focused primarily (but not exclusively) on the Academic Staff Portfolio (ASP); the system used to generate a profile for Promotion and Advancement applications. The objectives of the review were to:

  • Expand and enrich the narrative around teaching and research
  • Remove duplication of information throughout the form and CV
  • Create a more concise portfolio with a stronger focus on impact

Feedback received during the Academic Promotions and Advancement Round in 2020 was also considered in the review.

The review was undertaken by Professor Robyn Longhurst, Professor Bryony James, Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai and Nikki Thomas, with input from various staff members throughout the process.

As a result of the review the following changes have been made:

  1. The addition of new fields within the ASP to capture narrative and context regarding teaching, research and ‘service’
  2. The removal of fields within the ASP which did not assist in the process and/or were resulting in duplication of information
  3. Renaming fields within the ASP
  4. The development of a new CV template and a requirement for all applications to include a CV
  5. A change to the constitution of all academic promotion committees

More information about each of these changes is captured below.

1. New fields within the ASP

The following new Teaching Profile fields have been created: Excellence; Teaching Process; Outcomes; Evaluation and Feedback; Leadership and Impact; Mātauranga Māori.

The following new Research fields have been created: Research Contextual Summary; Vision Mātauranga; Research - Other.

An ‘Additional relevant information’ field has been added to capture anything not otherwise captured within the ASP or CV.

2. Removed fields within the ASP

The following Teaching fields have been removed: Comments on Teaching (this information will be captured through the new Teaching Profile fields, as outlined above).

The following Research fields have been removed: Publication Summary by Year; Non-Research Professional Output; Intellectual Property; Invitations to be a Keynote Speaker; Participation on Editorial Boards (all of this information will be captured in either the new ‘Research - Other’ field or the applicant’s CV).

The ‘Qualifications’ field has been removed. This information should be captured within the applicant’s CV.

Due to the addition of new fields within the ASP, the decision has been made to remove the need for a covering letter on applications.

3. Renamed fields within the ASP

The following ‘Service’ fields:
a. Special Aspects of Internal and External Service Contributions to the University
b. Circumstances where Additional Responsibilities are Performed

have been renamed respectively:
a. Academic Leadership, Engagement and Service Contributions
b. Additional Responsibilities with National / International Impact

The guidance has been updated to reflect the new field titles.

4. Development of a new CV template

The new CV template is closely aligned with the NZ RS&T CV, but has been adapted to be more holistic. One of the reasons for the change in format is so that staff members can use this for promotion and advancement and also tailor/re-use it for other purposes (e.g. grant applications).

All applications are required to include a full CV. You may optionally generate an editable CV document directly from IRIS, using the Build item in the Menu tab. Open this guide for further information. [Alternatively you can find the CV template here.]

5. A change to the constitution of all academic promotion committees

All academic promotion committees must include the Associate Dean Māori for that Division and/or one Māori Professor.

This is in alignment with the Taskforce plan outcome two: “Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi is at the heart of the life and work of the University” and its associated high-level actions 1: Growing Capability (1.6) and 3: Processes, policies and systems (3.5).

6. Communications, engagement and training

There are several ways that staff and committee members will be supported through these changes:

Each new field contains guidance notes within the ASP. If you would like to find out more about what is expected within each new field and get a head-start on creating your teaching profile and/or your research contextual summary, you can find out more here.