Women Professors

The Waikato Women Professors' Network was established in 2002 to provide peer support for Women Professors in their leadership roles within the University and beyond.  Members meet informally to network and discuss topics of mutual interest including University, scholarly and professional projects and issues, along with personal goals and activities.  In addition to mentoring and providing advice to members, these conversations generate a range of outcomes including advice to the University and colleagues across campus, input on external submissions (e.g. research consultations), collaborative projects, and initiating changes (e.g. introduction of the Waikato Gender Research Network).

As the profiles on this website show, the University has an exceptional group of distinguished Women Professors with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, experience in significant academic and professional leadership roles, and awards which demonstrate the quality of their contributions to theory and practice.  Women Professors currently account for 26% of the professorial faculty (by FTE) at the University of Waikato.

The objectives of the Waikato Women Professors’ Network are:

  1. To provide mentoring and a peer support network for women professors from all faculties;
  2. To provide a forum for discussion of academic, professional and University issues, including research and equity;
  3. To facilitate leadership in academic disciplines, within the University, as well as in the wider community in New Zealand and internationally.

Membership of this network includes all women who hold full-time or part-time academic appointments at the University of Waikato at professorial level.