Objectives, Development and Reflection (ODR)

This page provides an overview of the processes and kōrero that facilitate the setting of goals and objectives, Personal Development Plans (PDPs), ongoing kōrero and coaching, periodic reflection and acknowledgement of achievement as required that takes place in partnership between line manager and employee. Kōrero (conversation) is critical to the process.

The ODR Model below has been developed as part of the University's Staff Performance and Professional Development Framework which supports the Staff Performance and Professional Development Policy. It replaces Professional Goal Setting (PGS) to ensure a more integrated approach to the creation of individual and/or team goals and objectives which better align with University planning, personal professional development plans, review and reflection, and the University's reward and recognition processes. It will also account for for University Values (coming soon) and the different contexts within which staff operate.

ODR Model

ODR Workshops

You should prepare for the annual ODR process by reviewing the ODR module for all staff. Managers should also complete the ODR module for managers.

ODR Forms

ODR Forms are available to assist the kōrero. These can be found in the navigation links to the left of this page, or directly within the University Document Store [Document Store/Professional Development/Objectives Development and Reflection (ODR)].