Some Common University Acronyms

ALPSS – (Division of) Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences
AP – Academic Promotions
APA – American Psychological Association
AQA – Academic Quality Agency
ARU – Audience Research Unit
ATE – Application to Enrol (Form)
ATEM – Association of Tertiary Education Managers
AUSSE – Australasian Survey of Student Engagement
CBER - Centre for Biodiversity and Ecology Research
CEP – Curriculum Enhancement Programme
CEREL - Centre for Environmental, Resources and Energy Law
CeTTL – Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning
CGSE - Centre for Global Studies in Education
CMG - Coastal Marine Group
CMPDR - Centre for Māori and Pacific Development Research
COSI - Centre for Open Software Innovation
DEDU - Division of Education
DVC – Deputy Vice-Chancellor
EAP – Employee Assistance Programme
ERI - The Environmental Research Institute
FMIS – Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies/Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao
FRE – Formative Research Exercise
FSD – Financial Services 
FSEN – Faculty of Science and Engineering

GAPA - Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
GSSR – General Staff Salary Review
HECS – (Division of) Health, Engineering, Computing and Sciences
HOS – Head of School
HRM – Human Resource Management
HRU – Honey Research Unit
ICTAR - International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research
IBR – Institute for Business Research
IP – Intellectual Property
IPL - Institute of Professional Learning
IPLS – Institute of Professional Legal Studies
ISBN – International Standard Book Number
ISG – Information Systems Group
ITS – Information and Technology Services 
IWI - Te Kotahi Research Institute for Innovation, Well-being and Inspiration
LBWRU - Learning, Behaviour and Welfare Research Unit
M&C - Marketing and Communications
MPRU - Māori and Psychology Research Unit
NIDEA - The National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis
PAP - Paperless Accounts Payable 
PBRF – Performance Based Research Fund
PD – Professional Development/Position Description
PG - Postgraduate
PGS – Professional Goal Setting
PHRU - Public History Research Unit
PODU – Professional and Organisational Development Unit

POSSE – Postgraduate Survey of Student Engagement
PVC – Pro Vice-Chancellor
R&D – Research and Development
SDVC – Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor
SGR – School of Graduate Research
SSD – Student Services 
SMS – Student Management System
TARS - Traffic and Road Safety Research Group
TEC – Tertiary Education Commission
TPW – Te Pua Wānanga ki te Ao/ Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies
TRU - Thermophile and Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology Unit
TTG – Teaching Technology Group
TTRU - Text and Translation Research Unit
UNZ – Universities New Zealand
UOW – University of Waikato
VC – Vice-Chancellor
WINTEC – Waikato Institute of Technology
WMIER – Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research
WMS – Waikato Management School
WSU – Waikato Student Union