Your first month

It can take a while to settle into a new job, so be prepared to ask questions (particularly of your manager and buddy). There is a wealth of information on the University website although it is not always easy to find. Start with the Staff Landing page and explore the many links to gradually increase your understanding of how the University works.

Online modules

Several online modules have been developed in Moodle and should be completed as soon as you are able. You are expected to have completed the following within your first month and we will send reminders to prompt you:

  • Health and Safety Basics
  • Health and Safety Management (for managers of other staff)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Personal Safety and Security
  • Financial Systems

Introductory Session for New Staff

This half day session is run every second month and you will be invited to attend the next session following your start date as well as complete an online onboarding module as preparation. If you do not receive an invitation please discuss with your manager. It includes “big picture” information to ensure you have the contextual information you need to be effective in your job and provides an opportunity to meet some staff in key roles and build your contact networks across campus.