Getting to the University

Public Transport

For public transport options visit:



The University also operates a small shuttle service between the two campuses which departs four times every week day.

Private Vehicles

There is information about how to get to and around the Hamilton campus online at

Staff Parking in Hamilton

Staff can choose to pay for a reserved Numbered Park, or an annual Licence to Hunt (LTH) permit that allows them to park in the designated staff parking areas. Staff can also choose to use the Pay-by-Plate option and park in the general parking areas which especially suits those who don’t bring their car to campus regularly. Please see for more details.

Staff Parking in Tauranga

The University has leased 50 car parks in a parking building on the corner of First Ave and Cameron Road. These are available to staff for $750/year via payroll deductions (the same rate as at the Hamilton campus). Contact [email protected] if you would like to request a permanent parking spot in the Tauranga CBD.

Licence to Hunt permits will not apply in Tauranga due to limited parking space in the CBD, but there are several other paid parking options close to the CBD building.


There are lock-up spaces available on both campuses for staff who prefer to cycle to work. There are also staff showers on both campuses. Ask your manager or buddy about these facilities when you start.