Guidelines for Nominators of Staff Awards


Staff Awards provide an opportunity for the University community to recognise and celebrate outstanding performance or achievements of its staff. Individuals/teams are nominated by colleagues, clients/students or managers. Staff should not ‘apply for’ or nominate themselves for an award.

For research and teaching awards nominees may need to be consulted in order to include sufficient supporting evidence (e.g. the Academic Staff Portfolio or Teaching Evaluations), but the nomination should nevertheless be initiated by a colleague, client/student or manager.

Nominations may be made in three broad categories - teaching, research and staff excellence within a number of specific subcategories. They can be made for an individual or a team. The criteria for each award subcategory are available as downloadable lists on the main Staff Awards page. These are based on our organisational priorities so may change over time. Teaching award nominations are made through the Divisional Teaching Excellence Awards process.

This page is designed to help you prepare the best possible nomination for the individual or team you believe deserves recognition. It need not be overly arduous but requires some thought and planning.

Read the Criteria

Before you start to prepare a nomination please carefully read the criteria (downloadable from the main Staff Awards page) to help select the subcategory which matches the performance or achievement you seek to recognise and to ensure you provide appropriate supporting evidence.

The information provided in the nomination will be used by the Staff Awards Committee to decide on awardees. It is important to address every required criterion listed for the category and subcategory selected so that the committee is properly equipped to make decisions.  Pay particular attention to the words “and” and “or” in the criteria lists - for instance, consider the following:

Staff Excellence
Recognises and celebrates staff who make an outstanding contribution to their work, their colleagues and the University through exceptional performance, engagement, professional dedication, demonstrated leadership, and positive impact.

Note that the word ‘outstanding’ relates to their work, their colleagues and the University, so your nomination needs to address all three areas and include appropriate supporting information (e.g. emails of commendation from colleagues may be one component you might include).

Note that Staff Awards is a highly competitive process, the committee typically receives over 50 nominations. The more criteria you can address in your nomination, the better.

Complete the Correct Form

There is only one form for each of the Research and Staff Excellence categories (downloadable from the main Staff Awards page), but you need to select the subcategory from the checkboxes provided on the form. Each form has some required fields, but supporting evidence can be attached. Please also note the word limits specified on the forms regarding the Basis for Nomination statement.

Note that the Teaching awards have a cover page rather than a form as nominations are made through the Divisional Teaching Excellence Award process, but please clearly indicate which subcategory the nomination is being made under.

Submit your nomination (by email to the address listed on the form) no later than the deadline (normally the last Friday in October) or it will not be accepted.

Please provide your nomination as a single PDF format document if you can. Please contact us if you need any assistance compiling it.

Good Citizenship

As a guiding principle the University is committed to encouraging behaviours which support our motto Ko te Tangata - i.e. demonstrate the core values of aroha/concern for others, whanaungatanga/collegiality and engagement with others, and manaakitanga/responsiveness to clients and the needs of others.