Staff Survey

In line with our commitment to people and strategy, The University of Waikato regularly conducts University-wide staff surveys. The first of these took place in September 2009, the second in April/May 2012 and third in August/September 2014. Thank you to all staff who completed the survey – we achieved an outstanding 66% response rate in 2009, 67% in 2012, and 68% in 2014 which made sure that the results provided a true reflection of the perceptions and feelings of staff.

The fourth Staff Survey took place between 16 and 30 October 2015. It was a shorter version of the full survey (25 items rather than 145) which provides a snapshot of staff perceptions and can be benchmarked against previous surveys and other Australasian Universities.

The fifth Staff Survey also used the shorter format and took place between 14 and 28 October 2016.

The 2018 Survey took place between 26 September and 12 October. There was a 71% response rate, which is the best we have ever had. A total of $954 was raised by participants for the student hardship fund. In 2019 we ran a shorter "pulse survey". For a full summary of staff survey results please click here (requires Document Store login).

The feedback received through the survey provides important information for planning and continuous improvement. Detailed local reports are provided to senior managers containing information relating to their portfolios which they may in turn disseminate to other relevant staff.