Provision of Computers for Staff and Recycling and Disposal of University Computer Equipment Policy

Responsibility for policy: Chief Information Officer
Approving authority: Vice-Chancellor
Last reviewed: September 2008
Next review date: September 2011

This policy is currently under review.

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  1. This policy applies to all staff of the University.

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  1. In this policy
    • workplace means a staff member's regular place of work on University of Waikato premises
    • end-of-life computer means computer equipment which is scheduled for replacement in accordance with the schedule specified in the Procurement Policy.


  1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure appropriate, equitable and cost-effective provision of computer equipment for staff, and sustainable practices for the recycling and disposal of University computer equipment.

Provision of Workplace Computers

  1. The University undertakes to provide appropriate workplace access to computer equipment for all staff whose job requires the use of a computer.
  2. The decision about the provision of computer equipment for staff rests with the relevant Head of School, Director or equivalent.
  3. The use of computers by staff is subject to the provisions of the Computer Systems Regulations.
  4. The procurement of all computer and ICT equipment is subject to the provisions of the Procurement Policy.
  5. In the majority of cases, desktop computers will be provided.  A laptop computer may be provided at the discretion of the relevant Head of School, Director or equivalent, and with due consideration to the nature of the staff member's role. Relevant factors include:
    • substantial online teaching responsibilities
    • frequent travel on University business
    • being regularly based at two or more University locations
    • after hours on-call responsibilities.
  6. Where a laptop computer is provided, the University will not provide the staff member with an additional desktop computer in the workplace.
  7. The location of computer equipment must be accurately recorded in the fixed asset ledger over its life cycle.

Research Funded Computer Equipment

  1. Computer equipment funded as part of a research contract must be returned to Information and Technology Services after the conclusion of the contract for reallocation to other Schools or equivalent, recycling or salvage.

Priorities and Processes for Dealing with End-of-Life Computers

  1. The University is committed to good practice in asset management; Information and Technology Services manages the disposal of end-of-life computers in the following order of priority:
    1. reallocation to other areas within the University
    2. to staff for home use
    3. donation to Waikato and Bay of Plenty schools through the donation programme
    4. disposal via the approved salvage process.
  2. All end-of-life computers must be returned to Information and Technology Services; before disposing of the computer equipment, Information and Technology Services will clean or erase the hard drives, ensure the security of data and compliance with software license agreements.
  3. End-of-life computers disposed of under sections 13 b, c and d of this policy are removed from the University's insurance cover and fixed asset ledger.
  4. The University is not liable for any loss associated with an end-of-life computer disposed of under sections 13 b, c and d of this policy.

Provision of End-of-Life Computers for Working at Home

  1. In cases where a staff member frequently works at home, the relevant Head of School, Director or equivalent may assign the staff member an end-of-life computer for use at home.  In such cases, the end-of-life computer may be additional to computer provided for the staff member at their workplace.
  2. Before an end-of-life computer is assigned under section 17 of this policy, the relevant Head of School, Director or equivalent must be satisfied that the staff member has undertaken a minimum level of training to recognise and address health and safety issues associated with the set-up and use of the computer at home, either
    • by attending an OOS awareness session within the previous five years, or
    • by passing the online OOS Awareness Module and Test within the last two years.
  3. Where a staff member who has been assigned an end-of-life computer for use at home ceases to be employed by the University, they may retain the computer, subject to the removal of any University software from it.
  4. The University will not service or provide technical support for computers at home, and will not replace an end-of-life computer.

Donation of End-of-Life Computer Equipment to Waikato/Bay of Plenty Schools

  1. The University has developed a programme for the donation of end-of-life computers to Waikato and Bay of Plenty Schools; it is donated on an 'as is, where is' basis.
  2. Applications for donated computers under section 21 of this policy may be submitted using the online computer donation application form.


  1. Only the Chief Information Officer has authority to waive or vary the provisions of this policy in individual cases.


The term ‘School’ in this policy includes Faculties and the term ‘Head of School’ includes Deans.

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