IELTS Testing in Hamilton and Tauranga

The award-winning University of Waikato IELTS Centre is based in Hamilton and also tests off-site in Tauranga. IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is recognised by universities and employers in many countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. It is also recognised by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies.

IELTS is offered in two test formats.
The Academic format is suitable for candidates planning to undertake higher education study or who are seeking professional registration.
The General Training format is suitable for candidates planning to undertake non-academic training, work experience, or for immigration purposes.

  • IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, the world’s proven English language test.
  • IELTS was one of the pioneers of four skills English language testing over 25 years ago, and continues to set the standard for English language testing today.
  • IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 8,000 organisations worldwide. Last year, more than 2 million tests were taken globally.
  • IELTS is recognised as a secure, valid and reliable indicator of true-to-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.
  • IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment through more than 900 test centres and locations in over 130 countries.


Applying for the IELTS Test

Applications are now completed online through the IELTS website for both Hamilton and Tauranga. Applications close two days before the test date or earlier if all available places are sold. To apply for the IELTS test you must provide:

  • A photocopy of your passport details and signature pages
  • The Test Fee*


* Test Fee (Hamilton) NZ$ 395
* Test Fee (Tauranga)NZ$ 425
Remark NZ$ 230
Test transfer or cancellation NZ$ 85
Absence on test date No refund
Extra copies of your results Free if requested on application form (NZ$20 if requested after test date)

*Download a Credit Card Approval Form You will receive confirmation of your IELTS test date and time approximately 10 days prior to the test. For the application process and on the test day you must have your passport with you. For further information contact the IELTS office.

IELTS Test Results

Results for each test are available 13 days after the test. These will be posted online or you can collect your results from the IELTS Office (University of Waikato College) before 1pm (13 calendar days after the test). You will receive only one copy of your test result, but can apply for additional copies.

Hamilton IELTS Test

Tests are conducted on the University of Waikato campus,  LAIN Building. The listening, reading and writing tests are taken together. The speaking test is usually on the same day but can be Friday evening.

Tauranga IELTS Tests

Tests are conducted on the University of Waikato Tauranga campus, The Hub, Level 1, 101 Durham Street.

ID Requirements

On the day of your test you must bring your passport or you will not be able to sit the IELTS test. The passport must be valid and not expired. We will only accept original passports and not photocopies or other forms of ID.

Transfer, cancellation and refund policy

Tests may only be cancelled 5 weeks prior to the test, unless there is a valid reason.  Valid reasons include serious illness or bereavement. You must inform the centre within 5 days of the test. If you cancel outside the 5 weeks period, there is an $85 cancellation fee. You may transfer to a new date as long as you have given 5 weeks to do this. The cost for a transfer is $85. You can choose a new date within 3 months of the original test date to sit the test again. If you are absent on test day, without a valid reason, you will not receive a refund of your tests fee.  Complete downloadable form here.

Venue 2021 Date Apply Online
Hamilton 30 October 2021 Academic
Hamilton 30 October 2021 General Training
Tauranga 30 October 2021 Academic
Tauranga 30 October 2021 General Training
Hamilton 20 November 2021 Academic
Hamilton 20 November 2021 General Training
Tauranga 20 November 2021 Academic
Tauranga 20 November 2021 General Training
Hamilton 4 December 2021 Academic
Hamilton 4 December 2021 General Training
Tauranga 4 December 2021 Academic
Tauranga 4 December 2021 General Training
Hamilton 18 December 2021 Academic
Hamilton 18 December 2021 General Training
Tauranga 18 December 2021 Academic
Tauranga 18 December 2021 General Training
Venue 2022 Date Apply Online
Hamilton 8 January 2022 Academic
Hamilton 8 January 2022 General Training
Hamilton 29 January 2022Academic
Hamilton 29 January 2022 General Training
Hamilton 12 February 2022Academic
Hamilton 12 February 2022General Training
Hamilton 26 February 2022Academic
Hamilton26 February 2022No GT Test
Hamilton 12 March 2022Academic
Hamilton 12 March 2022General Training
Hamilton 26 March 2022Academic
Hamilton 26 March 2022General Training
Hamilton 9 April 2022Academic
Hamilton 9 April 2022General Training
Hamilton 23 April 2022Academic
Hamilton 23 April 2022General Training
Hamilton7  May 2022Academic
Hamilton7 May 2022General Training
Hamilton28 May 2022Academic
Hamilton28 May 2022General Training
Hamilton11 June 2022Academic
Hamilton11 June 2022General Training
Hamilton25 June 2022Academic
Hamilton25 June 2022General Training
Hamilton9 July 2022Academic  
Hamilton9 July 2022General Training
Hamilton23 July 2022Academic
Hamilton23 July 2022General Training
Hamilton6 August 2022Academic
Hamilton6 August 2022General Training
Hamilton20 August 2022Academic
Hamilton20 August 2022General Training
Hamilton3 September 2022Academic
Hamilton3 September 2022General Training
Hamilton24 September 2022Academic
Hamilton24 September 2022General Training
Venue 2022 Date Apply Online
Tauranga 8 January 2022 Academic
Tauranga 8 January 2022 General Training
Tauranga29 January 2022Academic
Tauranga 29 January 2022 General Training
Tauranga12 February 2022Academic
Tauranga12 February 2022General Training
Tauranga 26 February 2022No AC Test
Tauranga26 February 2022No GT Test
Tauranga12 March 2022Academic
Tauranga12 March 2022General Training
Tauranga26 March 2022Academic
Tauranga26 March 2022General Training
Tauranga9 April 2022Academic
Tauranga9 April 2022General Training
Tauranga 23 April 2022Academic
Tauranga23 April 2022General Training
Tauranga7  May 2022Academic
Tauranga7 May 2022General Training
Tauranga28 May 2022Academic
Tauranga 28 May 2022General Training
Tauranga11 June 2022Academic
Tauranga11 June 2022General Training
Tauranga25 June 2022Academic
Tauranga25 June 2022General Training
Tauranga9 July 2022Academic  
Tauranga9 July 2022General Training
Tauranga23 July 2022Academic
Tauranga23 July 2022General Training
Tauranga6 August 2022Academic
Tauranga6 August 2022General Training
Tauranga20 August 2022Academic
Tauranga20 August 2022General Training
Tauranga3 September 2022Academic
Tauranga3 September 2022General Training
Tauranga24 September 2022Academic
Tauranga24 September 2022General Training

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