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Current Issues

On-going aspirations

  • Working with the School of Graduate Research to help facilitate a thriving postgraduate culture on campus.
  • Improving communications between the various parties in the university involved with postgraduate affairs and the postgraduate community so that all groups are well informed of events and on-going developments and issues. The PGSA website, Facebook page and member email list can serve as a conduit for information. Students are also encouraged to join the Higher Degrees Facebook page and the Moodle site for Doctoral Writing Conversations.

On-going events

  • We hold regular social and informational gatherings that are well attended and supported by postgraduate students across the campus. At present we have the Tuesday coffee breaks at the Station Café at 10am. We also hope to provide a regular forum for postgraduate student presentations.
  • At present we have the Tuesday coffee breaks at the Station Cafe at 10am.
  • We hold a monthly Postgraduate Presentation Series, which provides an opportunity for postgraduate students to present their work to an audience of their peers. It is intended as a forum to practice presentations for confirmation or for upcoming conferences in a non-threatening environment. These sessions are held monthly (except in January, October and December).
  • We also organise an annual PGSA networking event during Research Month in October.
  • We send regular reminders for these events via our PGSA email list and through our Facebook page.

Current issues

  • Improving the pastoral care of all postgraduates along with a special focus on international students. We wish to ensure that all international postgraduates are given at least the minimum care mandated under the Code of Practice guidelines for the pastoral care of international students.
  • Ensuring that the Statement of Expectations enacted for all postgraduate students in January 2012 is upheld and maintained equally across all schools and faculties.
  • Improving the quality of supervision and clarifying a minimum standard across the University. The Postgraduate Research Committee is currently reviewing the documentation regarding supervision. The PGSA has been involved in this process. We are hopeful that supervision will be clarified with greater guidance for both supervisors and students in their respective roles.
  • Strengthening our relationship with the Waikato Student's Union (WSU), and arranging funding for events and appropriate space to support the needs of postgraduate students.
  • The PGSA is also involved with the Student Experience committee (SEC). At present the SEC is involved in formalising student representation and clarifying any weaknesses in the support of postgraduate students.

Past accomplishments

  • Identified the need for improved orientation for postgraduate students and advocated for a series of Doctoral Workshops, which are now held by the School of Graduate Research six times a year.
  • Since 2007, advocated for and helped draft and bring about the implementation of a Minimum Resources Agreement for postgraduate students, now known as the Statement of Expectations. This Statement outlines the minimum resources available to all enrolled postgraduate students in the university, including physical space and resources, and financial support. This was ratified and came into effect on 1 January 2012.
  • Worked with Student Learning to initiate the Doctoral Writing Conversations, which are now managed and run by Student Learning in association with the PGSO.
  • Affiliated with the WSU in 2012.

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