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  • Bedford, R. D., Ho, E. S., & Newell, J. (2005). Immigration in the regions: Evidence and policy initiatives in New Zealand. In 10th International Metropolis Conference's Workshop on Regionalization of Immigration in Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Conference held at Toronto Canada.

  • Bedford, R. D. (2005). The LisNZ - An update on the Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand. In 10th International Metropolis Conference's Workshop on Longitudinal Surveys of Immigrants - Essential for Informed Policy Making II. Conference held at Toronto Canada.

  • Bedford, R. (2005). Perspectives on population growth, migration and sustainable development in the Pacific Region. In Population, Environment and Development (pp. 145-159). Stanislaw Leszczycki Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences.

  • Bedford, R. D. (2005). Improving the knowledge base for social policy: A brief review of some developments in New Zealand, 2001-2005.. In The Research and Policy Nexus: Finding the best path to policy relevance and intellectual freedom: 10th International Metropolis Conference. Conference held at Toronto Canada, 17th.

  • Bedford, R. D. (2005). Skilled migration in and out of New Zealand: Immigrants, workers, students and emigrants. In Symposium Evaluation of General Skilled Migration. Conference held at Parliament House Theatrette, Canberra Australia.

  • Bedford, R. D. (2005). A Kiwi Conundrum. In Off Campus (pp. 14).

  • Younus, M. A., Bedford, R. D., & Morad, M. (2005). Not so high and dry: Examination of the Patterns of 'Autonomous Adjustment' to Major Flooding Events in Bangladesh. Geography: an international journal, 61, 1-13.

  • Thompson-Guerin, P. B., Ho, E. S., & Bedford, R. D. (2004). Who are the most un-employed people in New Zealand and what can we do about it?. In Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand 2004. Conference held at Wellington.

  • Bedford, R., Didham, R., Ho, E., & Hugo, G. (2004). Maori internal and international migration at the turn of the century: An Australasian perspective. New Zealand Population Review, 30(1 & 2), 131-141.

  • Bedford, R. D. (2004). Settlers or Sojourners? The changing complexion of international migration in New Zealand. In 50+ Continuing Education, Thames, Thames.

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