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  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2012). Legislation and voluntarism: Two approaches to achieving equal employment opportunity outcomes for women in New Zealand. In S. Groschl, & J. Takagi (Eds.), Diversity Quotas, Diverse Perspectives (pp. 41-58). England: Gower.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2012). Challenging young women's perceptions of equal employment outcomes. In Bridging Academia and Business: Practical Implications of Leadership and Diversity Research for Managers (pp. 26-27). ESSEC Business School.

  • Hurd, F., Dyer, S., & Fitzpatrick, M. (2011). A 'beautiful mess': Risks, realities, and authentic reflexity. In 27th EGOS Colloquium. Conference held at Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Humphries, M., Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2011). Who are the pirates? Radical(ising) the diagnosis of capitalism. In 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference (pp. 1-15). Conference held at Naples, Italy: University of Naples Federico II.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2011). Critical pedagogy and surface learning techniques: An oxymoron, or the pre-requisite for deep learning?. In 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference (pp. 1-13). Conference held at Naples, Italy: University of Naples Federico II.

  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2011). Voluntarism instead of quotas: Approaches to gendered employment outcomes in New Zealand. In 2nd ESSEC Diversity and Leadership Chair Academic Conference. Conference held at Paris, France.

  • Twiname, L. J., Samujh, R. H., Reutemann, J., & Hurd, F. (2011). Rightsizing strategies: Participation and identity in the processes of change. In 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference. Conference held at Naples, Italy.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2011). Gendered perceptions of corporate restructuring and community change in a single industry town. New Zealand Sociology, 26(1), 68-88.

  • Humphries, M., & Hurd, F. (2011). The PRME - Emancipator or oxymoron in the muddied waters of responsibility for life. In First CR³ Conference. Conference held at Helsinki, Finland.

  • Grant, S., & Hurd, F. (2010). Incorporating critical pedagogy into the scholarship of teaching and learning: Making the journey alongside our students. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 4(2), 1-12.

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