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  • Collins, G. E., Hogg, I. D., Convey, P., Barnes, A. D., & McDonald, I. R. (2019). Spatial and temporal scales matter when assessing the species and genetic diversity of springtails (Collembola) in Antarctica. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, 18 pages. doi:10.3389/fevo.2019.00076

  • Meyer, S., Hogg, I., Fenwick, G., Smith, B., & Greenwood, M. (2019). Spatial variation in Aotearoa (New Zealand) groundwater Crustacea. Poster session presented at the meeting of iBOL 2019 - The 8th International Barcode of Life Conference. Trondheim, Norway.

  • Sancho, L., Pintado, A., Gannutz, T., Frishman, S., Green, A., Beard, C., . . . Cary, C. (2018). Monitoring climate change: Lichens do it well in Antarctica. In POLAR 2018 SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference Proceedings (pp. 2403). Conference held in Davos, Switzerland.

  • Cooke, T., Kulenkampff, K., Heyns, M., Heathfield, L. J., & Hogg, I. (2018). DNA barcoding of forensically important flies in the Western Cape, South Africa. Genome, 61(12), 823-828. doi:10.1139/gen-2018-0054

  • Ross, P. M., Knox, M. A., Smith, S., Smith, H., Williams, J., & Hogg, I. D. (2018). Historical translocations by Maori may explain the distribution and genetic structure of a threatened surf clam in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Scientific Reports, 8, 8 pages. doi:10.1038/s41598-018-35564-4

  • Hogg, I. D. P., Wagner, J., McLennan, D., Lamarre, J. F., & Coulombe, S. (2018). Ecosystem research at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS). In POLAR 2018 SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference Proceedings (pp. 369). Conference held in Davos, Switzerland.

  • Hsieh, H. -Y., Raymond, B., Convey, P., Danis, B., Brandao, S. -N., De Broyer, C., . . . Van de Putte, A. P. (2018). RAS: Understanding the taxonomic diversity in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. In POLAR 2018 SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference Proceedings (pp. 1674). Conference held in Davos, Switzerland.

  • Podmore, C., Hogg, I. D., Drayton, G. M., Barratt, B. I. P., Scott, I. A. W., Foottit, R. G., . . . Bulman, S. R. (2018). Study of COI sequences from endemic New Zealand aphids highlights high mitochondrial DNA diversity in Rhopalosiphina (Hemiptera: Aphididae). New Zealand Journal of Zoology. doi:10.1080/03014223.2018.1510843

  • Barbosa, V., Collier, K., Graham, E., Hogg, I., & Smith, B. (2018). Dispersal patterns and connectivity of aquatic insect populations in fragmented landscapes: an integrated study. Poster session presented at the meeting of New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society conference. Held at The Rutherford, Nelson, New Zealand.

  • Dickie, I. A., Boyer, S., Buckley, H. L., Duncan, R. P., Gardner, P. P., Hogg, I. D. P., . . . Weaver, L. (2018). Towards robust and repeatable sampling methods in eDNA-based studies. Molecular Ecology Resources, 13 pages. doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12907

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