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  • Campbell, J. R., & Bedford, R. (2014). Migration and climate change in oceania. In E. Piguet, & F. Laczko (Eds.), People on the Move in a Changing Climate: The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration (Vol. 2, pp. 177-204). Springer.

  • Craig, D., Bedford, R. D., Gegeo, D., Rodi, P., Miller, R., & Friesen, W. (2014). Labour mobility and diaspora: An overview of Solomon Islands’ historical regulatory experience, 1850s-2013: NIDEA Working Papers (No. 6). University of Waikato, National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis.. Retrieved from

  • Hawke, G., Bedford, R. D., Kukutai, T. H., McKinnon, M., Olssen, E., & Spoonley, P. (2014). Our Futures: Te Pae Tawhiti. The 2013 census and New Zealand’s changing population. Wellington, New Zealand: The Royal Society of New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Bedford, R. (2010). Issues and approaches in international migration research. In Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) Workshop: Rethinking Australian Research on Migration and Diversity. Conference held at University of Sydney, Australia.

  • Bedford, R., Masgoret, A., Tausi, M., & Merwood, P. (2010). Immigrants from the Pacific: Drain on the economy or active participation in the labor force?. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 19(3), 371-400. doi:10.1177/011719681001900304

  • Bedford, C., Bedford, R., & Ho, E. (2010). Engaging with New Zealand's recognized seasonal employer work policy: The case of Tuvalu. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 19(3), 421-445. doi:10.1177/011719681001900306

  • Bedford, R. D., & Bedford, C. (2010). Maximising opportunity? RSEs, Pacific employees and communities. In Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Conference. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Bedford, R., & Bedford, C. (2010). International migration and climate change: A post-Copenhagen perspective on options for Kiribati and Tuvalu. In B. Burson (Ed.), Climate Change and Migration: South Pacific Perspectives (pp. 89-134). Institute of Policy Studies.

  • Bedford, R., & Hugo, G. (2010). As Migrações Internacionais num Mar de Ilhas: Desafios e Oportunidades para os Espacos Insulares do Pacifico. In M. L. Fonseca (Ed.), Aproximando Mundos: Emigração, Imigracão e Desenvolvimento em Espaços Insulares (pp. 87-129). Fundacao Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento.

  • Bedford, R. D., & Poot, J. (2010). New Zealand - Changing tides in the south pacific: Immigration to Aotearoa New Zealand. In U. A. Segal, D. Elliott, & N. S. Mayadas (Eds.), Immigration Worldwide: Policies, Practices, and Trends (pp. 257-273). Oxford University Press.

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