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  • Yang, L., FitzPatrick, M., Varey, R., & Costley, C. (2015). Towards a holistic 'sustainability' for the mutual enhancement of humans and nature. In 2nd International Biannual Social Business@ Anadolu Conference (pp. 7 pages). Anadolu University, Turkey.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2014). Consumer reactions to gender cues in advertising. In 43rd EMAC Conference 2014 (pp. 7 pages). Valencia.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2013). Warmth and competence: How and when implicit gender cues enhance brand perception. In ANZMAC Annual Conference (pp. 7 pages). Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Rashid, Y., Varey, R. J., & Costley, C. (2013). Features of value co-creation process: A multiple actors view. In E. Gummesson, C. Mele, & F. Polese (Eds.), 2013 Naples Forum on Service (pp. 1-11). Naples: Naples Forum on Service.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2013). The battle of the sexes: How gender stereotypes influences brand perception. In 2013 4th International Conference on Behavioral, Cognitive and Psychological Sciences. Conference held at London, UK:.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2012). Brand perception: Influence of gender cues on dimensions of warmth and competence. Advances in Consumer Research, 40, 856-857.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2012). Brand perception and gender stereotype products. In Asia Pacific Association for Consumer Research Conference. Conference held at Queenstown, New Zealand.

  • Hess, A., Melnyk, V., & Costley, C. (2012). Gender primes and consumer reaction to gender typed products. In 11th Gender, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Conference (pp. 5 pages). Queenstown, New Zealand.

  • Russell, P., Costley, C., & Friend, L. (2011). Respect and the media. North American Association for Consumer Research Film Festival.

  • Costley, C., & Friend, L. (2011). Respect: A foundation for positive marketing. In The First Annual Conference for Positive Marketing. Conference held at New York, USA.

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