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  • Mozhaeva, A. I., Vlasuyk, I. V., Potashnikov, A. M., Cree, M. J., & Streeter, L. (2021). The Method and Devices for Research the Parameters of the Human Visual System to Video Quality Assessment. In 2021 Systems of Signals Generating and Processing in the Field of on Board Communications, Conference Proceedings. doi:10.1109/IEEECONF51389.2021.9416081

  • Mozhaeva, A., Streeter, L., Vlasuyk, I., & Potashnikov, A. (2021). Full reference video quality assessment metric on base human visual system consistent with PSNR. In 2021 28th Conference of Open Innovations Association (FRUCT). Moscow, Russia - Presented Online: IEEE. doi:10.23919/FRUCT50888.2021.9347604

  • Hébert-Losier, K., Hanzlíková, I., Zheng, C., Streeter, L., & Mayo, M. (2020). The 'DEEP' landing error scoring system. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 10(3). doi:10.3390/app10030892

  • Streeter, L., & Wise, J. J. (2020). Exploring machine learning to reduce motion error in time-of-flight range imaging. In OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress. Online (originally to be held in Vancouver, Canada).

  • Dorrington, A., & Streeter, L. (2020). CN106133551B, Signal harmonic error cancellation method and apparatus.

  • Streeter, L. (2020). Frequency estimation from limited samples: Nonlinearizing time-of-flight radial velocity estimation. IEEE Sensors Letters, 4(10). doi:10.1109/LSENS.2020.3028359

  • Dorrington, A., & Streeter, L. (2020). EP3129803B1, Signal harmonic error cancellation method and apparatus.

  • Wilson, M. T., Seshadri, S., Streeter, L. V., & Scott, J. B. (2020). Teaching physics concepts without much mathematics: ensuring physics is available to students of all backgrounds. Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, 25(1), 39-54. doi:10.1080/22054952.2020.1776027

  • Streeter, L., & Kuang, Y. C. (2019). Metrological aspects of time-of-flight range imaging. IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, 22(2), 21-26. doi:10.1109/MIM.2019.8674630

  • Lickfold, C. A., Streeter, L., Cree, M. J., & Scott, J. B. (2019). Frequency based radial velocity estimation in time-of-flight range imaging. In 2019 International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ). IEEE. doi:10.1109/ivcnz48456.2019.8961021

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