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Publications ByWISNESKI, Roberta S (Bobbie)

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  • Wisneski, B. (2010). Using to detect plagiarism: Education and deterrence. In ATEM Aotearoa Regional Conference. Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Haar, J. M., & Wisneski, B. (2007). Work-family practices in academia: Similarities and differences. In APAMB Conference. Conference held at Sim University, Singapore.

  • Wisneski, B. (2006). Blue manager or pink manager - does it make a difference?. In TEM Conference 2006. Conference held at Sydney, Australia.

  • Haisman, N., Sircombe, A., & Wisneski, B. (2006). Developing and implementing a work life balance program in a university faculty. In Wellbeing Seminar. Conference held at Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Haisman, N., Sircombe, A. M., & Wisneski, R. S. (2005). (A)TEM guide to the balanced galaxy: A narrative of the work/life balance experiences at Waikato Management School. In 2005 Tertiary Education Management Conference. Conference held at Perth, Australia.

  • Haisman, N., & Wisneski, R. S. (2004). Dare to innovate or perish: the reality of Performance Based Research Funding and the Experiences of the Strategic Management and Leadership Team. In Tertiary Education Management Conference. Conference held at Hobart, Australia.

  • Haisman, N., Wisneski, R. S., & Scutts, K. C. (2003). Administrative Management: A Team Effort. In Secretaries, PAs and Administrators Conference. Conference held at University of Waikato.

  • Sircombe, A., & Wisneski, B. (2002). Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely - But What's Wrong with that?. In ATEM 2002. Conference held at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

  • Wisneski, B., & Leydon, L. (2000). A relationship and function model of the Hamilton Zoo. In 4th New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference (pp. 19 pages). Conference held at Auckland.

  • Wisneski, B. (2000). A new way of paying - competency based pay. In ATEM/AAPA Conference Vol. The Selling of Business: New Ways of Doing Business (pp. 1-10). Conference held at Melbourne.

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