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  • Barrett, P., Kurian, P., Simmonds, N., & Cretney, R. (2019). Community participation in the development of the Ōngātoro/Maketū Estuary project: The socio‐ecological dimensions of restoring an interconnected ecosystem. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. doi:10.1002/aqc.3048

  • Barrett, P., Kurian, P., & Simmonds, N. (2018). Collaboration and co-design in marine ecosystem recovery: The Ōngātoro/Maketū Estuary case. In NZ Marine Sciences Society Conference. Conference held at Napier, New Zealand.

  • Barrett, P., & Kurian, P. (2018). Exploring multiple understandings of ‘success’ in participatory decision-making processes: A discursive institutionalist analysis. In New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference (NZPSA). Conference held at Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Shaw, R., Wood, B., Godfrey, M., Barrett, P., & Nissen, S. (2018). Post-secondary education and citizenship education: Our Civic Future; Civics, Citizenship and Political Literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A public discussion paper.

  • Hayward, B., Bargh, M., Barrett, P., & Knight, D. (2018). Introduction: Why review civics and citizenship education?: Our Civic Future. Civics, Citizenship and Political Literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand. A Public Discussion Paper.

  • Barrett, P., Kurian, P., & Simmonds, N. (2018). Narratives of science and community in marine ecosystem restoration: the Ōngātoro/Maketu Estuary case. Poster session presented at the meeting of Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Conference. Conference held at Dunedin, New Zealand.

  • Barrett, P., Kurian, P., & Simmonds, N. (2018). Community engagement in EBM: The Ōngātoro/Maketū estuary restoration initiative. In National Science Challenges Annual Conference. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Barrett, P., & Zirker, D. (2017). New Zealand´s Panama connection: Financial services, facilitation payments, and a legal slippery slope. Revista Internacional de Transparencia e Integridad (International Review of Transparency and Integrity), 3(January-April), 1-9. Retrieved from

  • Zirker, D., & Barrett, P. (2017). Corruption vs. corruption scandals in New Zealand: bridging a wide Gulf?. Political Science, 69(1), 35-48. doi:10.1080/00323187.2017.1327798

  • Thomson, M., Shoston, N., Barrett, P. N., & Cochrane, W. (2017). Building an effective methamphetamine strategy: A thematic review conducted at the request of the Waikato District Police. Hamilton, New Zealand: The University of Waikato.

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