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  • Breen, C. (2021). With their mother’s Australian citizenship cancelled over alleged ISIS-links, how will NZ deal with her children?. The Conversation. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). What will happen to suspected Kiwi terrorist's children? Expert outlines the potential solutions | Newshub Nation. In HewsHub Nation. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). ACC’s policy of not covering birth injuries is one more sign the system is overdue for reform. The Conversation. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). The debate over transgender athletes' rights is testing the current limits of science and the law. The Conversation. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). Housing as a human right.

  • Breen, C. (2021). Human rights and young people and their representation and participation in the climate change debate. In IUCNAEL 2021 Colloquium - The future of Environmental Law: Ambition and Reality. Groningen, The Netherlands.

  • Breen, C. (2021). How far should compulsory proof of vaccination go — and what rights do New Zealanders have?. The Conversation. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). Claire Breen: Ministry of Health Covid-19 survey shows some parents are still hesitant about vaccinating their children August 20, 2021. In Early Edition with Kate Hawkesby •iHeartRadio. Newstalk ZB. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2021). Wage restraint aims to lift the lowest-earning public servants, but it won't fix stubborn gender and ethnic pay gaps. Retrieved from

  • Gillespie, A., & Breen, C. (2021). The Security Intelligence Agencies in New Zealand: evolution, challenges and progress. Intelligence and National Security. doi:10.1080/02684527.2021.1901409

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