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  • Weston, R. (2017). [Review of The Letters of William Godwin Volume II: 1798-1805 by Pamela Clemit (ed.)]. The Review of English Studies, 68(283), 184-186. doi:10.1093/res/hgw072

  • Weston, R. (2016). William Godwin, substance dualism and historical necessity. In British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 45th Annual Conference (BSECS). Conference held at St Hugh's College, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Weston, R. H. (2015). William Godwin, the Peasants' Revolt, and the Puritan revolution. In British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 44th Annual Conference. Conference held at St Hugh's College, Oxford, England.

  • Weston, R. H. (2015). William Godwin re-reads the Middle Ages. In Romantic Studies Association of Australasia Conference: Re-Reading Romanticism: Imagination, Emotion, Nature and Things. Conference held at University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Weston, R. (2014). Universities of the future: Communicating more effectively to the public. TDU Talk, 1(May), 21.

  • Weston, R. H. (2014). The end of the commandment: William Godwin and the doctrine of necessity. Eighteenth-Century Thought, 5, 67-98.

  • Weston, R. H. (2014). [Guest Editor] Special Issue on William Godwin. Nineteenth-Century Prose, 41(1/2), 424 pages.

  • Weston, R. H. (2014). Introduction: William Godwin and political justice. Nineteenth-Century Prose, 41(1/2), 1-26.

  • Weston, R. (2013). Dialogue in learning and assessment. TDU Talk, 3, 7-10.

  • Weston, R. (2013). Radical enlightenment and antimodernism: The Apostasy of William Godwin (1756 - 1836). Journal for the Study of Radicalism, 7(2), 1-30. Retrieved from

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