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  • Johnson, D. E., & Crombie, W. (2014). A Genre-based Approach to Academic Writing: Teachers' Guide and Answer Key (2nd ed.). Tung Hua.

  • Johnson, D. E., & Crombie, W. (2014). A genre-based approach to academic writing 2e (2nd ed.). Taiwan: Tung Hua.

  • Crombie, W. (2011). Understanding discourse genres: One aspect of successful initiation into communities of practice. In Symposium on Second Language Writing. Conference held at Howard International House, Teipei, Taiwan.

  • Johnson, D., & Crombie, W. (2010). A Genre-based Approach to Academic Writing: Teachers' Guide and Answer Key. Taiwan: Tunghua.

  • Crombie, W. (2010). Genre-based writing instruction: Towards an integrated model. In Tertiary Writing Network (TWN) ' Writing the future' : Biennial Colloquium. Conference held at Wellington, Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Nesmith, K., Crombie, W., Johnson, D., Nock, S., & Whaanga, H. (2010). Teaching and learning indigenous languages. In Celebrating Connections: 60 Years of Pacific Studies. Conference held at University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawai'i.

  • Crombie, W. (2010). Balancing perspectives, maintaining readership: the increasing use of positional avoidance strategies in the Waikato Times. In Writing the Waikato Symposium. Conference held at University of Waikato; 2010.

  • Crombie, W. (2010). The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: should Pacific Rim countries get on board the bandwagon?. He Puna Kōrero: Journal of Māori and Pacific Development., 11(1), 3-18.

  • Crombie, W., Johnson, D., & Lin, H. (2010). A New Zealand-based study involving a genre-centered academic writing course delivered in three learning modes (Online, Blended and Face-to-Face). In C. Merkelbach, & V. Vagios (Eds.), Critical Approaches to Computer-Assisted Language and Literature Teaching (pp. 13-35). Aachen: Shaker Verlag.

  • Crombie, W. (2010). Classroom-based language revitalization: the interaction between curriculum planning and teacher development in the case of Māori language. In G. Senft (Ed.), Endangered Austronesian and Australian Aboriginal languages: essays on language documentation, archiving and revitalzation (pp. 207-221). Pacific Linguistics, The Australian National University.

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