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  • Hight, C., & Khoo, E. (2021). Software Literacy as a Vital Digital Literacy in a Software-Saturated World. In Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fifth Edition (pp. 1648-1661). IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-3479-3.ch113

  • Sammons, M., Ali, S., Noorzai, L., Glover, M., & Khoo, E. (2020). Fostering belonging through cultural connections: Perspectives from parents. Early Childhood Folio, 24(1), 31-36. doi:10.18296/ecf.0078

  • Forbes, D., Khoo, E., Gedera, D., & Anson, C. (2020). Developing blended learning in youth services introduction: A collaboration with the New Zealand Police.

  • Mitchell, L., & Khoo, E. (2020). Comment. Early Childhood Folio, 24(1), 1-2. doi:10.18296/ecf.0072

  • Mitchell, L., Bateman, A., Kahuroa, R., Khoo, E., & Rameka, L. (2020). Strengthening belonging and identity of refugee and immigrant children through early childhood education. Wellington: TLRI. Retrieved from

  • Khoo, E., & Cowie, B. (2020). A framework for developing and implementing an online learning community. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distant Learning, 24(1), 47.

  • Khoo, E., Cowie, B., Hight, C., & Torrens, R. (2020). Copy, cut and paste: How does software shape what we know?. In Cancelled Conference Conversations.

  • Khoo, E., Zegwaard, K., & Adam, A. (2020). Employer and academic staff perceptions of science and engineering graduate competencies. Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, 1-16. doi:10.1080/22054952.2020.1801238

  • Khoo, E., Ranger, G., Scott, J., & Peter, M. (2019). Analysing student interactions in a flipped engineering course. In S. C. Yi Wei, C. K. Mun, & A. Alphonso (Eds.), ASCILITE 2019 Conference Proceedings: Personalised learning. Diverse goals. One heart (pp. 470-475). Singapore: ASCILITE.

  • Zegwaard, K. E., Khoo, E., & Adam, A. (2019). Science and engineering graduate competencies and competence: Perspectives from students and faculty. In 21st World Association of Cooperative Education World Conference. Conference held at Cincinnati University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

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