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  • Fraleigh, S., & Barbour, K. (2022). What saying ‘yes’ affirms – we feel; we move; we do. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 13(2), 246-247. doi:10.1080/19443927.2022.2066372

  • Jeffrey, A., Barbour, K., & Thorpe, H. (2021). Entangled yoga bodies. Somatechnics, 11(3), 340-358. doi:10.3366/soma.2021.0364

  • Rinehart, R. E., Kidd, J., & Barbour, K. N. (2021). Ethnographic borders and boundaries: Permeability, plasticity, and possibilities. Peter Lang. doi:10.3726/b15947

  • Barbour, K. N. (2021). Praxis and advocacy: Doing ethnography on the ground. In J. Kidd, K. N. Barbour, & R. E. Rinehart (Eds.), Ethnographic Borders and Boundaries: Permeability, Plasticity, and Possibilities (pp. 19-21).

  • Barbour, K. (2021). Doing autoethnography in the more-than-human world: Writing and performing place.. In International Association of Autoethnography and Narrative. online, international. Retrieved from

  • Barbour, K., Burgstaller, H., Claus, J., Cohen, E., Gray, E., Park, S. -R., . . . Waititi, C. (2021). Morphing Moments [Composition]. Hamilton, New Zealand: Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust. Retrieved from

  • Patrick, D., & Barbour, K. (2020). Adventures in Failure: Professor Helen Heels presents a Lecture/Demonstration in three parts with a variety of extraordinary artefacts [Professor Helen Heels (Declan Patrick) ; Manly Stud Mr Cliff Edge (Karen Barbour)]. Hamilton New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Schott, G., & Barbour, K. (2020). Filmic Resonance and Dispersed Authorship in Sigur Ros's Transmedial Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. In C. Vernallis, H. Rogers, & L. Perrott (Eds.), Transmedia Directors: Artistry, industry and new audiovisual aesthetics (pp. 195-221). New York: Bloomsbury.

  • Barbour, K. (2020). Local acts, global perspectives: From embodiment to activism.. In The Embodiment Conference. online: The Embodiment Conference. Retrieved from

  • Barbour, K. (2020). Environmental and site dance in Aotearoa New Zealand: Tracing the legacy of Alison East. Dance Research Aotearoa, 6(1), 51-72. doi:10.15663/dra.v6i0.94

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