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  • Sharma, U., & Stewart, B. (2022). Enhancing sustainability education in the accounting curriculum: an effective learning strategy. Pacific Accounting Review, online, 20 pages. doi:10.1108/PAR-02-2021-0029

  • Wijekoon, N., Sharma, U., & Samkin, G. (2022). Users' perceptions of financial information in small and medium sized entities: A Sri Lanka case study. In AFAANZ Conference 2022. Melbourne, Australia and Virutal.

  • Davis, P., Low, M., Allen, J., & Sharma, U. (2021). Intellectual capital and pictorial disclosures analysis: an MIA (missing in action) interpretative paradigm. In Research Handbook on Intellectual Capital and Business (pp. 195-218). Edward Elgar.

  • Gunawan, J., Permatasari, P., & Sharma, U. (2021). Exploring sustainability and green banking disclosures: A study of banking sector. Environment, Development and Sustainability, online. doi:10.1007/s10668-021-01901-3

  • Nath, N., & Sharma, U. (2021). Public sector paradigm shift to an outcome-based focus: Insights from Fiji. In Z. Hoque (Ed.), Public Sector Reform and Performance Management in Emerging Economies: Outcomes-Based Approaches in Practice (pp. 225-250). Routledge.

  • Mukherjee, A., Liu, J., & Sharma, U. (2021). The role of big data analytics in shaping the work of accounting function and accounting professionals. In New Zealand Management Accounting Conference 2021. Queenstown/Virtual.

  • Sharma, D., & Sharma, U. (2021). Analysis of balanced scorecard usage by private companies. Pacific Accounting Review, 33(1), 36-63. doi:10.1108/PAR-06-2019-0076

  • Wijekoon, N., Samkin, G., & Sharma, U. (2021). Decision usefulness of the accounting standard 'IFRS for SMEs': Qualitative evidence from Sri Lanka. In 2021 IASB Accounting & Finance Research Forum. Virtual.

  • Karan, R., & Sharma, U. (2021). The social consequences of indenture system and aftermath in Fiji: an accountability study. International Journal of Critical Accounting, 12(1), 17-29. doi:10.1504/ijca.2021.113895

  • Wijekoon, N., Samkin, G., & Sharma, U. (2021). International financial reporting standards for small and medium-sized entities: A new institutional sociology perspective. Meditari Accountancy Research, online, 26 pages. doi:10.1108/MEDAR-06-2020-0929

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