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  • Göbbels, S., Thakker, J. K., & Ward, T. (2016). Desistance in offenders with mental illness. In J. Winstone (Ed.), Mental Health, Crime and Criminal Justice: Responses and Reforms (pp. 67-90). Houndmills, England: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Merdian, H. L., Moghaddam, N., Boer, D. P., Wilson, N., Thakker, J., Curtis, C., & Dawson, D. (2016). Fantasy-driven versus contact-driven users of child sexual exploitation material: Offender classification and implications for their risk assessment. Sexual Abuse: a journal of research and treatment, -online, 1-24. doi:10.1177/1079063216641109

  • Thakker, J., & Tamatea, A. (2015). Going straight. In NTE 2015 Research Forum (Department of Corrections National Training Event), Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Thakker, J., & Ward, T. (2015). Criminal career features in theories of sexual offending. In Sex Offenders A Criminal Career Approach (pp. 23-41). John Wiley & Sons.

  • Somasekhar, S., Robertson, N. R., & Thakker, J. (2015). Domestic violence in the context of immigration: Narratives of Indian migrant women in New Zealand. In FWSA Biennial Conference 2015: Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical Feminist Perspectives (Feminist & Women's Studies Association). Conference held at University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom.

  • Thakker, J. K. (2014). Sex Offender Treatment: Treatment models. In D. Weisburd, & G. Bruinsma (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (pp. 4769-4781). Springer.

  • Thakker, J. (2014). Sex offender treatment: Treatment models. In G. Bruinsma, & D. Weisburd (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice (pp. 4769-4781). Springer.

  • Thakker, J., Ward, T., & Chu, C. M. (2014). The good lives model of offender rehabilitation. In W. T. O'Donohue (Ed.), Case Studies in Sexual Deviance: Toward evidence based practice (pp. 79-101). Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.

  • Thakker, J. (2014). Cultural factors in offender treatment: current approaches in New Zealand. Procedia: Social and Behavioural Sciences, 113, 213-223. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.01.028

  • Merdian, H. L., Curtis, C., Thakker, J., Wilson, N., & Boer, D. P. (2014). The endorsement of cognitive distortions: comparing child pornography offenders and contact sex offenders. Psychology, Crime & Law, 20(10), 971-993. doi:10.1080/1068316x.2014.902454

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