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  • Richards, V. A. (2003). Radical educator or service provider. In Learning Talk Vol. Conference Proceedings 2003 (Volume 8) (pp. 193-195). New Zealand: ATLAANZ.

  • Richards, V. A. (2003). The talking/writing nexus: developing voice. In Learning Talk Vol. Proceedings (Volume 8) (pp. 1-12). New Zealand: ATLAANZ.

  • Brown, M. M., & Richards, V. A. (2003). Principles Informing Practice. In Association of Tertiary Learining Advisors of Aotearoa New Zealand Conference 2002 (pp. 41-43). Conference held at Victoria University.

  • Haigh, N. J., Brown, M. M., Colmer, A. J., Cubie, F. M., Haines, A. S., Hamilton, D. I., . . . Tarnowska, J. K. (2002). Learning @ The University of Waikato Teaching and Learning Development Unit (CD-Rom) (Version .) [Computer Software]. The University of Waikato, Hamilton: Waikato Innovation Centre for Electonic Education.

  • Richards, V. A., & Brown, M. M. (2002). Can we identify core principals, and practice, among the dimensions of our roles in tertiary institutions?. In ATLAANZ Conference - FACE IT - The issues and initiatives redefing our core business Vol. FACT IT - Conference Proceedings (Vol. 7) 2002 (pp. 57). New Zealand: Association of Learning Advisors of Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Richards, V., Day, B., & Emerson, L. (Eds.) (2001). Writing now and then. Tertiary Writing Network Colloquium. In Unknown Conference (pp. 1-93). Hamilton: TLDU, University of Waikato.

  • Richards, V. (2001). Poetry for praxis too. In Teaching Writing in Higher Education: An International Symposium. Conference held at Warwick, UK.

  • Richards, V. (2001). Personal to academic writing: Finding a voice. In Australian and New Zealand Communication Association on Transdisciplinarity. Conference held at Perth, Australia.

  • Ker, H., & Richards, V. (2000). Poetry as praxis. In B. Day, L. Emerson, & V. Richards (Eds.), Tertiary Writing Network (pp. 62-64). Conference held at Hamilton.

  • Richards, V. (1999). Learning at University. Hamilton: TLDU, University of Waikato.

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