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  • Childerhouse, P., Luo, W., Basnet, C., Ahn, H. J., Lee, H., & Vossen, G. (2013). Evolution of inter-firm relationships: A study of supplier-logistical services provider-customer triads. International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory, Applications and Practice, 20(1-2), 126-140.

  • Dillon, S., Stahl, F., Vossen, G., & Rastrick, K. (2013). A contemporary approach to coping with modern information overload. Communications of the ICISA, 14(1), 1-24. Retrieved from

  • Vossen, G. (2013). Breathing in the clouds: Thin air or bad atmosphere?. In CLOSER 2013 - 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science. Conference held at Aachen, Germany.

  • Schomm, F., Stahl, F., & Vossen, G. (2013). Marketplaces for data: An initial survey. ACM SIGMOD Record, 42(1), 15-26. doi:10.1145/2481528.2481532

  • Dillon, S., Stahl, F., & Vossen, G. (2013). Towards the web in your pocket: Curated data as a service. Studies in Computational Intelligence, 457, 25-34. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34300-1-3

  • Vossen, G. (2013). Big data as the new enabler in business and other intelligence. Vietnam Journal of Computer Science, online, 1-14. doi:10.1007/s40595-013-0001-6

  • Dillon, S., Stahl, F., & Vossen, G. (2012). Towards the web in your pocket: Curated data as a service. In N. Nguyen, K. Hoang, & P. Jedrzejowicz (Eds.), Advanced Methods for Computational Intelligence (Proc. 4th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies and Applications (ICCCI) 2012 (pp. 25-34). Conference held at Conference held Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Springer Studies in Computational Intelligence. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-34300-1_3

  • Schonthaler, F., Vossen, G., Oberweis, A., & Karle, T. (2012). Business processes for business communities: Modeling languages, methods and tools. UK: Springer.

  • Ahn, H. J., Childerhouse, P., Vossen, G., & Lee, H. (2012). Rethinking XML-enabled agile supply chains. International Journal of International Management, 32(1), 17-23. doi:10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2011.06.002

  • Deakins, E., & Vossen, G. (2010). Women leading and learning through present-day web linking technology. International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, 6(1), 1-27. doi:10.1504/IJKL.2010.03448

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