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  • Johnson, D. (2018). Teaching English for academic purposes in New Zealand: Making sense of genre-based instruction. In L. T. Wong, & W. L. H. Wong (Eds.), Teaching and Learning English for Academic Purposes: Current Research and Practices. USA: Nova Science Publishers.

  • Johnson, D. (2017). Linguistic landscaping and the assertion of twenty-first century Maori identity. Linguistic Landscape, 3(1), 1-24. doi:10.1075/ll.3.1.01joh

  • Johnson, D., Umeda, K., & Oh, K. (2017). Teaching English through English: an analysis of a sample of Japanese and South Korean textbooks. The Language Teacher, (41.6), 15-19.

  • Johnson, D., & NeSmith, K. (2017). Talking the language to death: Observing Hawaiian language classes. International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, 10(1), 1-20.

  • Oh, K., & Johnson, D. (2017). The South Korean National Curriculum for English: Problems of transparency and coherence. Korea TESOL Journal, 13(1), 3-32.

  • Johnson, D. (2017). Interdisciplinarity and applied linguistics: Their global impact on language teaching. In Language Education Across Borders (LEAB) Conference. Conference held at Graz, Austria.

  • Johnson, D. E., & Crombie, W. (2017). A genre-based approach to academic writing 3e (3rd ed.). Taiwan: Tung Hua.

  • Johnson, D. E., & Nock, S. (2016). Taking account of culture: Reporting on the development of a Maori-centred academic writing resource. In National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference 2016: Making connections-Whanaungatanga. Conference held at Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Johnson, D. E., & Lin, H. -C. A. (2016). Evaluating genre-based writing instruction: Materials, instructional mode and student learning styles. Asian EFL Journal, 18(2), 208-234.

  • Johnson, D. (2015). A contextualized report on the impact of pre-service training on language teachers in Taiwan. In C. Gitsaki, & T. Alexiou (Eds.), Current Issues in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development Research and Practice (pp. 20-34). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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