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  • Zirker, D. (2021). Corruption in two Latin American nations: The experiences of Brazil and Chile in comparative analysis. In K. K. Tummala (Ed.), Corruption in the Public Sector: An International Perspective (pp. 79-98). Emerald Publishing.

  • Zirker, D. (2020). Invited commentator on the Radio New Zealand Special Edition of Checkpoint covering the American Election Returns. In Radio New Zealand Special Edition of Checkpoint. November 4, 2020, 4:00PM-8:00PM (on radio and televised nationally). Retrieved from

  • Zirker, D. (2020). Tanzania: Civil-Military Relations and Nationalism. In Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford University Press.

  • Zirker, D., & d'Alva, O. A. (2019). Setting the agenda? The selective use of statistics in Brazilian media. Tensões Mundiais. (World Tensions, Brazil), 15(29), 73-96. Retrieved from

  • Zirker, D., & Arruda D’Alva, O. (2019). The ossification of military rule in Brazil: ‘Governability’ and ‘soft’ intervention. In Triannual Conference of the Research Committee on Armed Forces and Society of the International Political Science Association. Santiago Chile.

  • Zirker, D. (2019). The ‘Rasputins’ of the exclusionary populists and the hijacking of ‘Thin Ideologies’: Speculations on the political implications of an emerging network. In New Zealand Political Studies Association, “Community, Security, Humanity,”. Christchurch.

  • Zirker, D. (2019). [Review of Saving the security state: Exceptional citizens in twenty-first century America by Inderpal Grewal]. Australasian Journal of American Studies, 38(1), 133-136. Retrieved from

  • Zirker, D. (2019). Conclusions on the military and society in the former Eastern Bloc [Reprint]. In C. Danopoulos, & D. Zirker (Eds.), The Military and Society in the Former Eastern Bloc (pp. 213-218). doi:10.4324/9780429312786-12

  • Danopoulos, C., & Zirker, D. (Eds.) (2019). The military and society in the former eastern bloc [Reprint]. doi:10.4324/9780429312786

  • Danopoulos, C., & Zirker, D. (Eds.) (2019). The military and society in the former eastern bloc [Reprint]. doi:10.4324/9780429312786

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