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  • Kotze, E. (2019). Qualitative research for postgraduates. In Graduate Students Seminar. Tokyo, Japan.

  • Kotze, E. (2019). Kokoro: Narrative Therapy. In Kokoro: Narative Therapy Workshop. Tokoyo, Japan.

  • Ling, S. A., Kotze, E., & Crocket, K. (2019). Cultural knowledge and professional language: Counselling in the context of suicidal ideation. In A. H. M. Hussin, R. A. Kadir, N. S. Zakaria, M. M. Harun, N. Subarimaniam, A. Ismail, & O. Jailani (Eds.), Konvensyen Kaunseling Kebangsaan Kali Ke 21 (pp. 583-594). Perkama International.

  • Kotze, E. (2019). Rich story development: What values are woven in identity stories. In The Science of Personalised Value Development Through Adolescence Symposium. Tokyo, Japan.

  • Flanagan, P., & Kotze, E. (2018). Men, mental health and wellbeing. In Counsellor Education Community Day, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Flanagan, P., & Kotze, E. (2018). Researching men's mental health and wellbeing. In LearnFest18: Inclusion and Innovation.

  • Kotze, E. (2018). A bag of oranges and a communal lunch: Intra-action of matter and becoming. In H. Syrjälä,, & A. Norrgrann (Eds.), Multifaceted Autoethnography: Theoretical Advancements, Practical Considerations and Field Illustrations (pp. 101-123). Nova Science Publishers.

  • Swann, H., Swann, B., Davis, E., Te Wiata, J., Smith, R., Crocket, K., & Kotze, E. (2017). Pukapuka as hui: Coming together apart!. In K. Crocket, E. Davis, E. Kotze, B. Swann, & H. Swann (Eds.), Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys (pp. 21-31). Auckland, New Zealand: Dunmore Publishing Ltd.

  • Taylor, R., Kotze, E., & Crocket, K. (2017). A second chance at life. In K. Crocket, E. Davis, E. Kotze, B. Swann, & H. Swann (Eds.), Moemoea: Maori Counselling Journeys (pp. 98-109). Auckland, New Zealand: Dunmore Publishing Ltd.

  • Kotze, E. (2017). Commentary: Reflection on ‘And I still love them: On touching loss’. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 38(2), 240-243. doi:10.1002/anzf.1213

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