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  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). Community of difference: The liminal spaces of the Bingodisiac Orchestra. International Journal of Community Music, 10(2), 109-120. doi:10.1386/ijcm.10.2.109_1

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). The Do-it-Yourself (DiY) craft aesthetic of The Trons − Robot garage band. Craft Research, 8(1), 55-77. doi:10.1386/crre.8.1.55_1

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). Maker Culture and DiY technologies: re-functioning as a Techno-Animist practice. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, -online. doi:10.1080/10304312.2017.1318825

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). ‘It’s on the tip of my Google’: Intra-active performance and the non-totalising learning environment. E-Learning and Digital Media, 1-14. doi:10.1177/2042753017692429

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2016). The DiY ['Do it yourself'] Ethos: A participatory culture of material engagement. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand).

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2015). Trash aesthetics and the sublime: Strategies for visualising the unrepresentable within a landscape of refuse. New American Notes On-line, 7(The Aesthetics of Trash).

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2014). DiY participatory culture: Allowing space for inefficiency, error and noise. Acoustic Space #12 (Techno-Ecologies II), 37-46.

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2013). The construction of Karen Karnak: The multi-author function. Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy, May(147), 40-50.

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2013). DiY participatory culture: Allowing space for inefficiency, error and noise. In The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology: RENEW. Conference held at Stockholm School of Economics, Rega, Latvia.

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2013). From ideology to algorithm: the opaque politics of the internet. Transformations Journal of Media & Culture, (23), 1-8.

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