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  • Krippner, J. B., Briggs, R. M., Pittari, A., & Kilgour, G. N. (2011). Changes in eruptive style: Examples from Ngauruhoe, New Zealand, 1954-55 and 1974-75. In XXV IUGG General Assembly. Conference held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia.

  • Pittari, A., Krippner, J. B., Briggs, R. M., & Kilgour, G. N. (2010). New perspectives on the 1954-75 summit cone of Ngauruhoe volcano. In GeoNZ 2010: Joint Meeting of The Geoscience Society of New Zealand: The New Zealand Geothermal Workshop. Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Krippner, J. B. (2009). Ngauruhoe inner crater volcanic processes of the 1954-1955 and 1974-1975 eruptions. (Master's Thesis, The University of Waikato).

  • Krippner, J., Briggs, R., Pittari, A., Kilgour, G., & della Pasqua, F. (2008). Ngauruhoe inner crater reconstruction and eruption dynamics of the 1954-1955 strombolian eruption. In Geological Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Geophysical Society, New Zealand Geochemical & Mineralogical Society Joint Annual Conference. Conference held at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand.

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