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  • Yates-smith, A. R. (2000). Interview on Dr Miria Simpson. In Waka Huia.

  • Yates-Smith, G. R. (2000). Hine! E Hine! [Exhibition - korowai created using traditional methods, materials and dyes]. Rotorua Musuem of Art & History (Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa), Rotorua.

  • Yates-Smith, A. (2000). Maori Goddesses in Literature, Part 1: Pre 1880-1900. Journal of Maori and Pacific Development, 1(1), 72-96.

  • Yates-smith, A. R. (2000). Hine! E Hine! Exhibition. In Te Karere News..

  • Yates-smith, A. R. (2000). Interview with Kay Robin: Mäori Spirituality. In Tauranga FM Radio..

  • Yates-Smith, A. (2000). Contemporary issues in Maori spirituality. In Public Lecture Series, St Peter's Cathedral Church, Hamilton, 11th.

  • Yates-smith, A. R. (2000). Documentary interview with Samantha Ponga: Mäori Goddesses. In South Seas Film & Television School..

  • Yates-Smith, A. (2000). Interview about the Hine! E Hine! exhibition. In Rotorua Daily Press.

  • Yates-Smith, A. (2000). Interview with Samantha Ponga: Maori goddesses. In Documentary for South Seas Film and Television School.

  • Yates-Smith, A. (2000). Interview with Kay Robin: Maori Spirituality. In Tauranga FM Radio.

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