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  • Simmons, D., Lillis, S., Swan, J., Haar, J. M., & Smith, J. F. (2004). Should we trust results of meta-analyses?. The Lancet, 364(9443), 1401.

  • France, N., Smith, J. F. F., & Lawrence, S. R. (2002). Pathology services as a pilot for the market led control of health resources in New Zealand. Public Management Review, 4(1), 23-43. doi:10.1080/14616670110101672

  • France, N., Lawrence, S. R., & Smith, J. F. (2001). New Zealand pathologists: a case study in occupational control. Journal of Management in Medicine, 15(1), 28-43.

  • Cristobal, F. L., Arciaga, R. S., Smith, J., & Sinclair, D. (2000). Ambient and exhaled carbon monoxide levels among stationary and mobile workers in selected high urban and low rural traffic density streets of Zamboanga city. Western Mindanao Health Research Journal, .(Maiden Issue), 63-75.

  • Dharmalingam, A., Hussain, T. M., & Smith, J. F. (1999). Women's education, autonomy and utilisation of reproductive health services in Bangladesh. In I. Mudigo Axel (Ed.), Reproductive Health: Programme and Policy in Changes Post-Cairo (pp. 179-200). Leige, Belgium: Intl. Union for the Scientific Study of Population.

  • Hussain, T. M., & Smith, J. F. (1999). The relationship between maternal work and other socioeconomic factors and child health in Bangladesh. Public Health, 113, 299-302.

  • Hussain, T. M., Dharmalingam, A., & Smith, J. F. (1999). The impact of women's education and physical autonomy on the use of child health services in Bangladesh. Development Bulletin, 47(January), 74-75.

  • Smith, J. F. (1999). [Review of Doctors for democracy: health professional in the Nepal revolution by Adams, Vincanne]. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 1(2), 163-165.

  • Subramaniam, V., Stewart, M. W., & Smith, J. F. (1999). The development and impact of a chronic pain support group: a qualitative and quantitative study. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 17(5), 376-383.

  • Hussain, T. M., & Smith, J. F. (1999). Women's physical mobility in rural Bangladesh: the role of socio-economic and community factors. Contemporary South Asia, 8(2), 177-186.

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