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  • Keegan, T. T. A., Mato, P., & Ruru, S. (2015). Using Twitter in an Indigenous language: An analysis of te reo Māori tweets. Alternative: An International Journal for Indigenous Peoples, 11(1), 59-75. Retrieved from

  • Mato, P. J. (2015). Translated application interfaces - issues of engagement. In A. Hinze, D. M. Nichols, & M. Masoodian (Eds.), Proc 15th New Zealand Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (pp. 1-4). Hamilton, NZ: ACM. doi:10.1145/2808047.2808061

  • Keegan, T. T. A., & Mato, P. (2014). It's harder in my language, but I still choose it. In P. Heinrich, & N. Ostler (Eds.), Proc 18th FEL Conference on Indigenous Languages: their Value to the Community (pp. 43-48). Okinawa, Japan.

  • Mato, P., & Keegan, T. T. A. (2013). Indigenous tweeting for language survival: the Māori-language profile. International Journal of Technology and Inclusive Education, 2(2), 184-191. Retrieved from

  • Mato, P., & Keegan, T. T. (2013). Using technology in an indigenous language: Preliminary studies of ATMs and library kiosks usage in Te Reo Māori. In Fifth Annual Meeting of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association. Conference held at Saskatoon, Canada.

  • Mato, P., Keegan, T. T., Cunliffe, D., & Dalley, T. P. M. (2012). Perception and use of software with a Māori-language interface in Māori-medium schools of New Zealand. In T. K. R. K. M. D. Mahuta, M, 211, T. S. Laoire, & N. Ostler (Eds.), Proceedings of the Conference FEL XVI, Language Endangerment in the 21st Century: Globalisation, Technology and New Media (pp. 87-92). Conference held at Auckland, NZ: AUT; FEL.

  • Keegan, T. T., & Mato, P. (2011). Are computer applications being used in Te Re Māori?: Some initial findings. In Proc 2nd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation: Strategies for Moving Forward. Conference held at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Hawai'i.

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