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  • Bolstad, W. M., Hunt, L. A., & McWhirter, J. L. (2001). Sex, drugs and rock & roll survey in a first-year service course in statistics. American Statistician, 55(2), 145-149. doi:10.1198/000313001750358473

  • McWhirter, J. L. (2001). Catching the Bayesian wave. In Biometrics/NZSA 2001. Conference held at Christchurch.

  • Mcwhirter, J., Bolstad, B., & Hunt, L. (2000). Sex, drugs, rock and roll and statistics. In Statistical Education Workshop (also presented to NZ Statistics Conference, Christchurch, September 2000). Conference held at Adelaide.

  • Mcwhirter, J. L., & Dalgety, M. H. (1999). Estimation of most probable number and range. In Biometrics 99. Conference held at Hobart.

  • Mcwhirter, J. L., & Littlejohn, R. P. (1998). Error estimation via the EM algorithm when fitting the Diggle-Zeger Model to pulsatile hormonal data. In 19th International Biometric Conference. Conference held at Cape Town.

  • McWhirter, J. L. (1997). Modelling Pulsatile Data : Estimation of Parameters and Dispersion Matrix. (PhD Thesis).

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