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  • Pacheco, G., Li, C., & Cochrane, W. (2019). An empirical examination of the gender pay gap in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations, 44(1).

  • Rua, M., Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O., King, D., Cochrane, B., Stubbs, T., . . . Groot, S. (2019). Precariat Māori households today: Te Arotahi Series Paper (May, No.02). Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga New Zealand’s Māori Centre of Research Excellence.

  • Rua, M., Karapu, R., Neha, E., Stolte, O., Stubbs, T., Hodgetts, D., . . . Chamberlain, K. (2018). Māori whānau navigating precarious & insecure lives. In Te Whakaruruhau: Partnering for Whanau Symposium, Te Whare Wananga o Aotearoa, Mangakotukutuku Campus, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Rua, M., Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O., Chamberlain, K., Cochrane, B., Stubbs, T., . . . Karapu, R. (2018). Beyond 'at risk' individuals: Contextualised & politicised understandings of Māori precarity. In 7th International Conference on Community Psychology (ICCP). Conference held at Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

  • Cochrane, B., Fletcher, M., Pacheco, G., & Plum, A. (2018). Low pay in NZ (commissioned by Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment). New Zealand Work Research Institute, AUT. Retrieved from

  • Rua, M., Hodgetts, D., Stolte, O., Cochrane, B., Stubbs, T., Chamberlain, K., . . . Standing, G. (2018). The Māori precariat: structural causes and lived realities of poverty and inequality. In 8th Biennial International Indigenous Research Conference (IIRC18). Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Cameron, M. P., Brown, J., Cochrane, W., & Robertson, N. (2018). An evaluation of the Whangarei one-way door policy [Commissioned by Health Promotion Agency (HPA)]. Retrieved from

  • Cameron, M. P., Cochrane, W., & Livingston, M. (2017). The relationship between alcohol outlets and harm. A spatial panel analysis for New Zealand, 2007-2014 - Version 2 (Commissioned by Health Promotion Agency) (Version 2). Retrieved from

  • Pacheco, G., Chao, L., & Cochrane, W. R. (2017). Empirical evidence of the gender pay gap in New Zealand (Commissioned by Ministry for Women, New Zealand). Wellington: Ministry for Women.

  • Thomson, M., Shoston, N., Barrett, P. N., & Cochrane, W. (2017). Building an effective methamphetamine strategy: A thematic review conducted at the request of the Waikato District Police. Hamilton, New Zealand: The University of Waikato.

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