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  • Kelly, J. (2021). Diversity - Teachers, Children and Families. In IK Aspiring leaders. Tauranga.

  • Kelly, J. (2020). Socially relevant curriculum: Cultural otherness, racism and religion. New Zealand Journal of Teachers’ Work, 17(1 & 2), 10-26. doi:10.24135/teacherswork.v17i1%20&%202.300

  • Kelly-Ware, J., & Lyall, M. (2020). Gender matters in early childhood education. In A. C. Gunn, N. Surtees, D. Gordon-Burns, & K. Purdue (Eds.), Te Aotūroa Tākaki: Inclusive Early Childhood Education. Perspective on inclusion, social justice, and equity from Aoteraroa New Zealand (2nd ed., pp. 177-195). Wellington, New Zealand: NZCER.

  • Terrini, L., Danko McGhee, K., Denee, R., Lindsay, G., Johnston, M., Brooks, M., . . . Richards, R. (2020). Thinking outside the lines: Colouring-in books, templates and worksheets. ecARTnz, 19, 1-6. Retrieved from[1].pdf

  • Kelly, J. (Ed.) (2020). ec ART nz Special Issue. EC ART NZ, 1-21. Retrieved from

  • Rathore, D., Eames, C., & Kelly-Ware, J. (2020). Indian teachers and environmental identity in Aotearoa New Zealand early childhood education. Teachers and Curriculum, 20(1), 13-21. doi:10.15663/tandc.v20i1.350

  • Areljung, S., & Kelly, J. (2020). The risks of reification: using ‘professional risk’ to understand why and how teachers choose to ‎document (some of) children’s ideas and actions. In M. Alasuutari, H. Kelle, & H. Knauf (Eds.), Documentation in Institutional Contexts of Early Childhood. Normalisation, Participation and Professionalism (pp. 187-204). Springer Nature. doi:10.1007/978-3-658-28193-9_10

  • Treweek, J., & Kelly-Ware, J. (2020). “But I had it first!” Young children, possession, and social problem solving. Early Childhood Folio, 24(2), 21-25. doi:10.18296/ecf.0083

  • Kelly, J. (2020). A bit of STEAM. ed ART nz Special Issue, 1.

  • Kelly, J. (2020). Beyond Aotearoa New Zealand: Exploring the creative and pedagogical possibilities of STEEAM through play based learning, ‘working theories’, and the eyes of others. Wellington, New Zealand: NZCER. Retrieved from

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