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  • Farrar, J., & Mackinnon, J. (2007). Editorial. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 22(4), 543-544.

  • Farrar, J. (2006). In Memoriam: Professor David Allan. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 22(1), 1.

  • Farrar, J. (2006). [Review of The promise of law reform by Brian Opeskin and David Weisbrot]. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 22(2), 365-366.

  • Farrar, J. H. (2005). Enforcement: A Trans-Tasman comparison. New Zealand Law Review, Part 3, 383-392. Retrieved from

  • Farrar, J. H. (2005). In pursuit of an appropriate theoretical perspective and methodology for comparative corporate governance. Peking University Law Review, 6(2), 719-734.

  • Farrar, J. H., & Tennent, D. (2005). The unfitness of directors, insolvency and the consequences - some comparisons. The Canterbury Law Review, 11, 239-249. Retrieved from

  • Farrar, J. H., & Pippel, C. (2004). Piercing the Corporate Veil in an Era of Globalisation and International Terrorism and the Emergence of the Lawyer as Gatekeeper and Whistleblower. Bond Law Review, 16(.), 66-95.

  • Farrar, J. H. (2004). Corporate Governance: Theories, Principles and Practice (2nd ed.). United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. Retrieved from

  • Farrar, J. H., & Bosch, H. (2003). Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise. Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Institute of Directors. Retrieved from

  • Farrar, J. H. (2003). Inquorate Boards, Organs and Section 35A of the Companies Act 1985. Cambridge Law Journal, 62(1), 45-47. doi:10.1017/s0008197303366218

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