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  • Frame, A., Rumbles, W., & Benton, R. (2010). A short history of Te Mātāhauariki Research Institute. Yearbook of New Zealand Jurisprudence, 13, 1-19.

  • Frame, A. (2006). Hoani Te Heuheu's case in London 1940-41: An explosive story. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 22(1), 148-180.

  • Frame, A., & Meredith, P. E. (2005). Performance and Maori Customary Legal Process. The Journal of the Polynesian Society, 114(2), 135-155.

  • Frame, A. (2005). The fiduciary duties of the Crown to Maori: Will the Canadian remedy travel?. Waikato Law Review, 13, 70-87.

  • Frame, A., & Meredith, P. E. (2005). Performance and Maori Customary Legal Process. In Te Matahauariki Symposium. Conference held at Fale Pasifika, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Meredith, P., & Frame, A. (2005). Maori customary rights: The hard yards. In 7th World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Frame, A. (2002). Lawyers and the Making of Constitutions: Making Constitutions in the South Pacific: Architects and Excavators. In D. Carter, & M. Palmer (Eds.), Roles and Perspectives in the Law: Essays in Honour of Sir Ivor Richardson (pp. 277-295). Wellington: Victoria University Press.

  • Meredith, P., & Frame, A. (2002). Te Matapunenga - Mana Whenua. In Maori Law Society Annual Conference. Conference held at Dunedin.

  • Frame, A. (2002). Grey and Iwikau: A journey into custom. Wellington: Victoria University Press.

  • Frame, A., & Meredith, P. E. (2001). Performing Law: Hakari and Muru. In The New Zealand Historical Association Conference 2001 : from Local to Global. Conference held at Christchurch.

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