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  • Fleming, D., & Nicholson, S. T. (2013). The contact sheet: Combining evocative and analytic modes into visual autoethnography of the moment. In N. K. Denzin, & T. Faust (Eds.), Studies in Symbolic Interaction (pp. 43-67). United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

  • Fleming, D. (2012). Poisoning the affective economy of RW Culture: Re-Mapping the agents. International Journal of Communication, 6, 669-688.

  • Fleming, D. (2011). Making the Transformational Moment in Film: Unleashing the Power of the Image (with the films of Vincent Ward). Studio City, CA: Michael Wiese Productions.

  • Fleming, D., & Sturm, D. (2011). Media, Masculinities, and the Machine: F1, Transformers, and Fantasizing Technology at its Limits. New York/London: The Continuum International Publishing Group.

  • Fleming, D. (2011). The Last Samurai. In L. Geraghty (Ed.), Directory of World Cinema: American Hollywood (pp. 158-160). Intellect, United Kingdom.

  • Fleming, D. (2011). The staging of affect and the elsewhens of documentary space. Media Fields Journal, 3, 1-14. Retrieved from

  • Fleming, D. (2011). The talk of the town: 9/11, the lost image, and the Machiavellian moment. Global Media Journal---Canadian Edition, 4(2), 63-77. Retrieved from

  • Fleming, D. (2009). Play as entertainment, psychology of. In R. P. Carlisle (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society (pp. 507-509). Sage.

  • Fleming, D. (2009). Francine's revenge: The manipulability of toys & games as things in the mind, not just things in the hand. In K. Blashki (Ed.), Proceedings of Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2009 and Game and Entertainment Technologies 2009 (pp. 27-34). Conference held at Algarve, Portugal: International Association for Development of the Information Society.

  • Fleming, D. (2009). Cityscapes as play sites. In R. P. Carlisle (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society (pp. 139-140). Sage.

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