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  • Fleming, D. (2008). The manipulability of toys as things in the mind: A theoretical proposition. In 2008 International Forum on Media and Children's Culture. Conference held at Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China.

  • Fleming, D. (2008). Managing monsters: Videogames and the 'mediatization' of the toy. In K. Drotner, & S. Livingstone (Eds.), The International Handbook of Children, Media and Culture (pp. 55-70). Sage.

  • Fleming, D. (2006). Blogging as play: Or when does it get serious?. In Blog Hui. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Fleming, D. (2006). Digital storytelling - Histories and futures. In University Film and Video Association Conference (UFVA): Storytelling for the Digital Age. Conference held at California, United States.

  • Fleming, D. R., Finer, J., Moore, P., & Jewesbury, D. (2005). 'Landscope' Installation [Site-specific installation and gallery exhibition]. Centre for Media Research, University of Ulster, Lough Neagh and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Retrieved from

  • Fleming, D. R. (2005). Imagining the Last Best West: a hypermedia exploration [Practice-based research in the form of an electronic hypertext]. Retrieved from

  • Fleming, D. R. (2005). Landscope [Sound installation, Lough Neagh]. Online. Retrieved from

  • Fleming, D. R. (2004). ICT ‘literacy’ revisited: or what the literate citizen really needs to know. Contemporanea: Journal of Communication and Culture, 2(2), 45-73.

  • Fleming, D. R. (2004). New media education and the citizen. In International Colloquium on Communication and Democracy: Technology and Citizen Engagement. Conference held at Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

  • Griffin, P., Davidson, K., Moore, P., & Fleming, D. (2003). Personal Constructs for 'Reflection' on Creative Practice in Media Studies. UK Art Design Media National Subject Centre. Retrieved from

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