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  • Bardsley, W. E. B., Campbell, D., & Pittari, A. (2019). Detecting changing temporal infiltration patterns after forest clear felling: proposal for a geological weighing lysimeter experiment. Poster session presented at the meeting of NZ Hydrological Society Annual Conference. Conference held in Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Fisher, E., & Pittari, A. (2019). Geoscience for kids: Science education and the Science Teaching Leadership Programme. Geoscience Society of New Zealand Newsletter, 28, 20-24.

  • Loame, R. C., Villamor, P., Lowe, D. J., Milicich, S. D., Pittari, A., Barker, S. L. L., . . . Ries, W. F. (2019). Using paleoseismology and tephrochronology to reconstruct fault rupturing and hydrothermal activity since c. 40 ka in Taupo Rift, New Zealand. Quaternary International, 500, 52-70. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2019.02.031

  • Lowe, D. J., & Pittari, A. (Eds.) (2019). Field trip guides 1-4, Geosciences 2019. In Geosciences 2019 Vol. Geoscience Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication (pp. 1-128). Hamilton: Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

  • Lowe, D., & Pittari, A. (2019). Pyroclastic flow deposits, Hinuera Valley, central North Island, and note on usage of ignimbrite as a building material.. Gesoscience Society of New Zealand Journal of the Historical Studies Group, 61(February), 6-15.

  • McLeod, O., Pittari, A., Brenna, B., & Briggs, R. (2019). Perspectives on the structure, vent distribution and composition of Pirongia, the North Island’s largest basaltic volcano. In K. Nemeth, & S. Kosik (Eds.), Abstract Volume and Field Guide of the Fifth International Volcano Geology Workshop (pp. 61-62). Conference held in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

  • McLeod, O. E., & Pittari, A. (2019). Mount Pirongia – North Island’s largest basaltic volcano. In D. J. Lowe, & A. Pittari (Eds.), Field Trip Guides (pp. 18 pages). Conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Fox, B., Bates, N., Garrity, F., Murphy, C., Pittari, A., Riesselman, C., & Lee, D. (2019). The Hindon Maar Complex: a high-resolution archive of Mid-Miocene climate variability. In EGU General Assembly 2019. Conference held in Vienna, Austria.

  • Ross, C., & Pittari, A. (2019). Volcanic processes and emplacement mechanisms of the 1.6 Ma Ngaroma eruption. In P. J. J. Kamp, & A. Pittari (Eds.), Abstract Volume: Geosciences 2019 (pp. 168). Conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Pittari, A., Prentice, M. L., McLeod, O. E., Briggs, R. M., Vincent, K. A., Kamp, P. J. J., & Danisik, M. (2019). Volcanism of ‘Middle Earth’: The North Island landscape between 3.0 and 0.9 Ma. In P. J. J. Kamp, & A. Pittari (Eds.), Abstract Volume: Geosciences 2019 (pp. 156). Conference held in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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