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  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). Too many Cooks?: Alice Te Punga Somerville. In Michael King Memorial Lecture 2021: Auckland Writers Festival Waituhi o Tamaki 2021 [Podcast]. Retrieved from

  • Mann, M., Balla, P., Enari, L. D., & Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). Decolonization and the trans-pacific academy-Indigenous perspectives [Keynote panel]. In Australian Association for Pacific Studies Conference (AAPS). Conference held online, Footscray Community Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia and University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). English has broken my heart. E-Tangata. Retrieved from

  • Te Punga Somerville, A., & Case, E. (2021). E oho! Captain Cook: The beginning of what?. In E oho! Waitangi series 2021, National Library Wellington.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). Canons don’t only belong to dead white Englishmen. We have a Māori canon too. The Guardian. Retrieved from

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). English has broken my heart. In Radio New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2021). OMG settler colonial studies: response to Lorenzo Veracini: ‘Is Settler Colonial Studies Even Useful?’. Postcolonial Studies, 24(2), 278-282. doi:10.1080/13688790.2020.1854980

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2020). Two Hundred and Fifty Ways to Start an Essay about Captain Cook. Bridget Williams Books.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2020). A new departure: The worldliness of indigenous pacific texts in the early twentieth century. In Modern Language Association Annual Convention (MLA). Conference held in Seattle, Washington, USA.

  • Te Punga Somerville, A. (2019). ‘[Modernism] in Māori life’: Te Ao Hou. In M. Long, & M. Hayward (Eds.), New Oceania. Modernisms and Modernities in the Pacific. Routledge.

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