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  • Levine, A. S., Jewett, D. C., Kotz, C. M., & Olszewski, P. K. (2022). Behavioral plasticity: Role of neuropeptides in shaping feeding responses. Appetite, 174. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2022.106031

  • Klyucherev, T. O., Olszewski, P., Shalimova, A. A., Chubarev, V. N., Tarasov, V. V., Attwood, M. M., . . . Schiöth, H. B. (2022). Advances in the development of new biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. Translational Neurodegeneration, 11(1). doi:10.1186/s40035-022-00296-z

  • Jewett, D. C., Liyanagamage, D. S. N. K., Vanden Avond, M. A., Anderson, M. A. B., Twaroski, K. A., Marek, M. A., . . . Levine, A. S. (2022). Chronic intermittent sucrose consumption facilitates the ability to discriminate opioid receptor blockade with naltrexone in rats. Nutrients, 14(5). doi:10.3390/nu14050926

  • Wood, E. L., Gartner, S. N., Klockars, A., McColl, L. K., Christian, D. G., Jervis, R. E., . . . Olszewski, P. K. (2022). Whey-adapted versus natural cow’s milk formulation: Distinctive feeding responses and post-ingestive c-fos expression in laboratory mice. Foods, 11(2). doi:10.3390/foods11020141

  • Head, M. A., McColl, L. K., Klockars, A., Levine, A. S., & Olszewski, P. K. (2022). Acute hypophagia and changes in c‐Fos immunoreactivity in adolescent rats treated with low doses of oxytocin and naltrexone. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 11(1). doi:10.3390/jcm11010059

  • Pal, T., Laloli, K. J., Moscrip, C. A., Olszewski, P. K., & Klockars, A. (2022). Mild hypophagia and associated changes in feeding-related gene expression and c-Fos immunoreactivity in adult male rats with sodium valproate-induced Autism. Genes, 13(2). doi:10.3390/genes13020259

  • Williams, M. J., Alsehli, A. M., Gartner, S. N., Clemensson, L. E., Liao, S., Eriksson, A., . . . Schiöth, H. B. (2022). The statin target HMGCR regulates energy metabolism and food intake through central mechanisms. Cells, 11(6). doi:10.3390/cells11060970

  • Olszewski, P. K., Noble, E. E., Paiva, L., Ueta, Y., & Blevins, J. (2022). Oxytocin as a potential pharmacological tool to combat obesity. Journal of Neuroendocrinology. doi:10.1111/jne.13106

  • Al-Hamad, A. H., Al-Naseeb, A. M., Al-Assaf, M. S., Al-Obaid, S. A., Al-Abdulkarim, B. S., & Olszewski, P. K. (2021). Preliminary exploration of obesity-related eating behaviour patterns in a sample of saudi preschoolers aged 2–6 years through the children’s eating behaviour questionnaire. Nutrients, 13(11). doi:10.3390/nu13114156

  • Wood, E. L., Christian, D. G., Arafat, M., McColl, L. K., Prosser, C. G., Carpenter, E. A., . . . Olszewski, P. K. (2021). Adjustment of whey:Casein ratio from 20:80 to 60:40 in milk formulation affects food intake and brainstem and hypothalamic neuronal activation and gene expression in laboratory mice. Foods, 10(3). doi:10.3390/foods10030658

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