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  • Jolliffe Simpson, A., Joshi, C., & Polaschek, D. (2020). Predictive ability of New Zealand Police’s family violence risk assessment instruments: PracticaI implications for frontline policing. Police Science, 5(2), 24-25.

  • Brown, P. T., Joshi, C., Joe, S., & Rue, H. (2020). A novel method of marginalisation using low discrepancy sequences for integrated nested Laplace approximations. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 157, 107147. doi:10.1016/j.csda.2020.107147

  • Jolliffe Simpson, A., Moore, L., Joshi, C., & Polaschek, D. (2019). Perpetrators of family harm serving correctional sentences: Risk profiles and incident characteristics. Poster session presented at the meeting of 4th North American Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology Conference (NACCJPAC). Halifax, Canada.

  • Jolliffe Simpson, A., Moore, L., Joshi, C., & Polaschek, D. (2019). Perpetrators of family harm already serving correctional sentences: Risk profiles and episode characteristics. Psychology Aotearoa, 11(2), 138. Retrieved from

  • Joshi, C., Rios Insua, D., & Rios, J. (2019). Insider threat modeling: An adversarial risk analysis approach. In Sixth Symposium on Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk. George Washington University, Washington DC, USA.

  • Brown, P., Joshi, C., Joe, S., & Rue, H. (2019). Modified LDS-based methods of marginalisation for integrated nested laplace approximations. In Bayes on the Beach 2019. Gold Coast, Australia.

  • Joshi, C., Ruggeri, F., & Wilson, S. (2018). Prior robustness for Bayesian implementation of the fault tree analysis. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 67(1), 170-183. doi:10.1109/TR.2017.2778241

  • Elliot-Hogg, E., Clarkson, B., Stolte, O., Innes, J., & Joshi, C. (2018). The capacity of restored urban forests to support native birds: Ecological or social restoration?. In The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) Conference. Brisbane, Australia.

  • Laughlin, D. C., Chalmandrier, L., Joshi, C., Renton, M., Dwyer, J. M., & Funk, J. L. (2018). Generating species assemblages for restoration and experimentation: A new method that can simultaneously converge on average trait values and maximize functional diversity. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9(7), 1764-1771. doi:10.1111/2041-210X.13023

  • Joshi, C., Brown, P., & Joe, S. (2017). Bayesian continuous space-time model of burglaries. In 2017 IASC-ARS/NZSA Conference. Conference held at University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand..

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