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  • Mukherjee, A., Liu, J., & Sharma, U. (2021). The role of big data analytics in shaping the work of accounting function and accounting professionals. In New Zealand Management Accounting Conference 2021. Queenstown/Virtual.

  • Desmarais, F., Vignolles, A., & Mukherjee, A. (2021). Personality traits conveyed by hard sell and soft sell voices: A cross cultural study. In ICORIA 2021. Virtual.

  • Mukherjee, A., McGlade, P., & Scott, J. (2021). Impact of Covid-19 lockdown on small and medium enterprises. In 2021 AFAANZ Virtual Conference. Virtual.

  • Mukherjee, A. (2021). The effect of mandatory CSR on firm's risk: Evidence from India and 2% rule. In 25th Annual (2021) New Zealand Finance Colloquium. Tauranga, New Zealand.

  • Mukherjee, A. (2020). Does corporate social responsibility improve financial transparency? Evidence from mandatory corporate social responsibility regulations in India. In AFAANZ Online.

  • Mukherjee, A., Bird, R., & Duppati, G. (2018). Mandatory corporate social responsibility: The Indian experience. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, 14, 254-265. doi:10.1016/j.jcae.2018.06.002

  • Mukherjee, A. (2017). Mandated CSR expenditure: the Indian experience. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato).

  • Bird, R., Duppati, G., & Mukherjee, A. (2016). Corporate social responsibility and firm market performance: a study of Indian listed companies. International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, 11(1), 68-88. doi:10.1504/IJBGE.2016.076351

  • Mukherjee, A., & Bird, R. (2016). Analysis of mandatory CSR expenditure in India: a survey. International Journal of Corporate Governance, 7(1), 32-59. doi:10.1504/ijcg.2016.077982

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