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  • Bird, R., Grosse, M., & Yeung, D. (2013). The market response to exploration, resource and reserve announcements by mining companies: Australian data. Australian Journal of Management, 38(2), 311-331. doi:10.1177/0312896212473401

  • Abidin, S., Bird, R., & Yeung, D. (2013). Forecasting extreme performance: The experience with Australian equities. The Finsia Journal of Applied Finance, 1, 32-37.

  • Ross, S., Trayler, R. M., Bird, R., Westerfield, R., & Jordan, B. D. (2013). Essentials of Corporate Finance (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education. Retrieved from

  • Bird, R. G., Liem, H., & Thorp, S. (2013). The tortoise and the hare: Risk premium versus alternative asset portfolios. Journal of Portfolio Management, 39(3), 112-122. doi:10.3905/jpm.2013.39.3.112

  • Yeung, D., Pellizzari, P., Bird, R., & Abidin, S. (2012). Diversification versus concentration ..... and the winner is?: Paul Wolley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality Working Paper Series (18). University of Technology, Sydney. Retrieved from

  • Bird, R., & Yeung, D. (2012). How do investors react under uncertainty?. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 20(2), 310-327. doi:10.1016/j.pacfin.2011.10.001

  • Bird, R., Momente, F., & Reggiani, F. (2012). The market acceptance of corporate social responsibility: a comparison across six countries/regions. Australian Journal of Management, 37(2), 153-168. doi:10.1177/0312896211416136

  • Menzies, G., Bird, R., Dixon, P. B., & Rimmer, M. T. (2011). Asset price regulators, unite: You have the macroeconomy to win and microeconomic losses are small. Economic Record, 87(278), 449-464.

  • Bird, R., Casavecchia, L., Pellizzari, P., & Woolley, P. (2011). The impact on the pricing process of costly active management and performance chasing clients. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 6(1), 61-82.

  • Bird, R., Reddy, K., & Yeung, D. (2011). The relationship between uncertainty and the market reaction to information: How is it influenced by market and stock-specific characteristics?. In 18th Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society. Conference held at Rome, Italy.

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