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  • De Villiers, R., Hankin, R., & Woodside, A. (2016). Making decisions well and badly: How stakeholders’ discussions influence individual eExecutives’ decision confidence and competence. In A. G. Woodside (Ed.), Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (Vol. 24, pp. 87-116). Emerald. doi:10.1108/S1069-096420160000024006

  • Woodside, A., de Villiers, R., & Marshall, R. (2016). Incompetency and Competency Training Improving Executive Skills in Sensemaking, Framing Issues, and Making Choices. Springer.

  • De Villiers, R. (2016). Marketing's metamorphosis: From marketing's chrysalis to marketing's butterfly effect. Australasian Marketing Journal, 24(4), 309-313. doi:10.1016/j.ausmj.2016.11.003

  • De Villiers, R., Scott-Kennel, J., & Larke, R. (2016). Seven principles of e-assessment: A structure for developing e-assessments for online education. In 15th European Conference on E-Learning (pp. 114). Conference held Prague, Czech Republic.

  • De Villiers, R., Larke, R., & Scott-Kennel, J. (2016). E-Assessment as method and set of tools to ensure effective learning & teaching. In Meditari Accountancy Research Conference 2016 (pp. 26 pages). Kwa Maritane, Pilansberg, South Africa.

  • De Villiers, R. (2016). Developing soft skills in a South African undergraduate accounting program: The theory and practice of peer-monitoring. In Meditari Accountancy Research Conference (pp. 39 pages). Kwa Maritane, Pilansberg, South Africa.

  • De Villiers, R., Scott-Kennel, J., & Larke, R. (2016). Principles of effective e-assessment: A proposed framework. Journal of International Business Education, 11, 65-92.

  • de Villiers, R., Woodside, A. G., & Marshall, R. (2016). Making tough decisions competently: Assessing the value of product portfolio planning methods, devil's advocacy, group discussion, weighting priorities, and evidenced-based information. Journal of Business Research, 69(8), 2849-2862. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.12.054

  • De Villiers, R. (2016). Interview with Dr Rouxelle de Villiers. Western Sydney University. Retrieved from

  • De Villiers, R. (2015). Consumer brand enmeshment: Typography and complexity modeling of consumer brand engagement and brand loyalty enactments. Journal of Business Research, 68(9), 1953-1963. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.01.005

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